Xbox Series Players Can Now Download Classic Game For Free

Players with Xbox Series X and Xbox One can now get a free download of a classic game.

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It’s unclear how much longer this deal will be available, but right now, Ikaruga is free, with no strings attached. That said, to download it, you will need to create an Argentina Xbox Live account. Thankfully, this doesn’t cost anything but some time. Further, once downloaded, you can play it on your standard account, whatever region that is.

Xbox series x and Xbox one are free for you.

All Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and even Xbox 360 players can currently download a classic 2001 game for free, with no strings attached, though the download process isn’t very straightforward.

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As for the game itself, it’s a popular Xbox 360, but it can be played on all Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles using backward compatibility. It debuted in 2001 – up to 88 on Metacritic – through Treasure as a spiritual sequel to Radiant Silvergun. Looking back, it is considered one of the most successful genres of all time, one that is no longer particularly relevant but was once one of the greatest genres in the game.

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“Release! Dodge! And … Hit!” Ikaruga is a vertical shoot that includes a unique polar swap game, “says the official game board. Replace the ship’s polarity and” hit and drink “enemy bullets! Get a high score with the chain reward! “

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As mentioned earlier, it is not clear how long this deal will be available. At the time of writing, but if you read it, the deal may be closed.

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The Bottom Line

Xbox Series X isn’t looking to wow you with its design. Just look at its direct rival, the PlayStation 5. Unlike Sony’s swanky dual-winged dual-tone console and its matching rebranded controller, Microsoft’s offering is as plain as it comes. The Series X is just a giant black box.


It doesn’t have any fins nor any curves. It’s all flat surfaces and straight lines. The Xbox Series X looks very much like a PC cabinet you would see in an office. As for the controller, it’s more or less the same — that’s both good and bad. The Xbox Series X feels like a product from a very confident company in what it promises elsewhere.

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