WWE Superstar The Miz In The Mortal Kombat New Spoiler.

Mortal Kombat Creator Ed Boon Supports WWE Superstar The Miz to Play Johnny Cage.

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SPOILER WARNING: Plot details of the new Mortal Kombat movie are mentioned in this article. Within the past day, WWE Superstar The Miz made it known that he wants to play the iconic fighting game character Johnny Cage in a future Mortal Kombat movie.

WWE Superstar The miz in Mortal Kombat

Ed Boon, who co-produced Mortal Kombat, is involved in a debate over who portrayed Johnny Cage, voicing support for WWE superstar The Miz.

Mortal Kombat Creator Ed Boon Supports WWE Superstar The Miz to Play Johnny  Cage - Flipboard

Mortal Kombat Co-creator Ed Boon supports the popular choice of choosing WWE superstar The Miz as Johnny Cage. A long-awaited reboot of mortal Kombat Has arrived, focusing on characters like Sonya Blade and introducing Cole Young’s character to the audience. Still, for all his bloody action and mythology, Cage’s absence fueled a lot of speculation.

Boon, Who co-created mortal Kombat and John Tobias, voiced support for The Miz on social media. After posting viral bits of fan art, the exchange showed Miz that he would be the right choice to portray Johnny Wedge mortal Kombat The sequel. Boon gives Miz a thumbs up, agreeing that the two-time WWE Champion made a compelling case for himself.

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There are indeed other qualified candidates. Perhaps best known for his role as Kevin On this is us, Justin Hartley comes to mind. But Who can argue that the casting miz comes with its own distinct benefits? Given that there is a fair amount of crossover between wrestling fans and mortal Kombat aficionados, Miz will draw for any possible sequel.

Mortal Kombat Co-Creator Ed Boon Supports Casting The Miz as Johnny Cage

And, as a bonus, Hollywood may find itself as another leading figure. After taking a chance on John Cena and Dave Bautista, two former WWE regulars are now regularly selected for big action blockbusters. Given one opportunity, the Miz may very well be the next.

The Bottom Line

WWE Superstar The miz

Miz has been a consistent choice to play Cage for years; long before the reboot, mortal Kombat also took steam. This is because, for the long stretch of his career, and especially during 2014–2015, Miz’s character drew enormous inspiration from Cage. The film star looks on with sunglasses, and a sizable egoist, the wrestler, is openly building his character based on Cage.

The Miz sends Cage back in another way, noting that he is a capable grappler who his opponents still underestimate.

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The Miz could draw on these past experiences to bring Cage to the big screen and rely on the fact that he demonstrated an ability to work in both action and comedy settings. Mortal Kombat In this sense, it would be an ideal project for him, allowing self-seriousness to take full action. Marine The films he has acted in.


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