Why is Gaming is So Popular in the Asia Pacific – The Rise of Gaming in Asia

Mobile gaming in Asia is growing exponentially, and mobile game users in the Asia Pacific are increasing by 20% in 2020 to 948M and are projected to cross the 1 billion mark in 2021. Asia has dominated mobile gaming for years, with China leading the region, and it has the highest game revenue globally. China is the largest market gaming market, with the Asian region and the U.S. leading the global revenue in video game events.
The new generation gaming industry is proving to be unstoppable, and southeast Asia is the fastest-growing market because of esports and revenue from in-game purchases. Currently, 36% of the world’s gaming market is made-up of mobile games, with many mobile gamers alone in China.
As the gaming and e-commerce industry grows, it generates the interests of investors. The increased number of affordable internet connections and smartphones are the two main and major factors that have contributed to the growth of the gaming industry. As a result, the Asian gaming market has evolved faster and become extremely competitive; In recent years, the Asian gaming industry has attracted the attention of developers, investors, and analysts worldwide. As a result, the overall gaming market is booming in the Asian Pacific region. It will remain the Asian world’s largest gaming market by revenue. The Asian Pacific market is expected to have USD 87 billion revenues by 2026, with India, South Korea, and China offering high income. Mobile and online gaming have become more versatile, adaptable, and affordable in recent years.

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Covid19 pandemic and Gaming Rise

Mobile gaming has increased over the last two years, and the mobile game player base grew 12% worldwide between 2019 and 2020.
Mobile gaming and cloud gaming have been the heavy hitters of 2020. The covid19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on all the industries. Still, the Asia Pacific is the largest gaming community globally, with countries like China, India, South Korea, and Japan leading the market. In contrast, in China, 64% of the population consider themselves gamers, considering the next largest global market USA, where only around 43% of the population plays regularly. The Asian market is now known to be the fastest-growing gaming market globally. At the same time, the south Asian games market remains attractive to publishers and developers. Gaming has become the socialization platform of choice as the Covid pandemic has forced people to adapt to staying home and find alternative ways to connect.

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Asia Huge Mobile Game Market

Asia Pacific gamers spend significant time on consoles and Pc; the mobile market is huge and is strongest. Asian gamers spend around $12 billion yearly on mobile games, and South Korea tops the global list on the average spend per user.
The Asian gaming market is huge. The combined Asian market makes up around 50 percent of the world’s mobile revenue. Moreover, Japan, China, India, and Korea are the majority of total revenue in this region. Asia tends to dominate in growth and overall revenue within the gaming industry. Asian mobile gaming is growing faster and representing a wonderful cost-effective offer for investors and publishers. The number of mobile online gamers alone in south Eastasia will rise to around 250 million. The next revolution in gaming tech, cloud gaming, will remove existing cost and platforms barriers and impact every aspect of the game.

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China Gaming Market

The reports suggest that China was the biggest mobile gaming market in Asia, with over 657 million mobile gamers. The estimated mobile gaming revenue is about $18.5billion by China gaming industry.

Japan and South Korea Gaming Market

Japan was the second-largest mobile gaming market in Asia, generating $11.6b in revenue. Around 8 out of 10 mobile games in Japan, we’re licensed versions of existing titles on the Pc or consoles.

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India Gaming Market

India is the second-largest mobile market globally and has adopted the video game culture and market. The popularity of pubg and free-fire are reaping the benefits. As a result, the Mobile game industry shows steady growth and development.

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Technology Factors Driving Change in Asian Games

Several technological and gaming tech factors are driving changes in the gaming industry. For example, the adoption of A.R. and V.R. can enhance the gaming experience by combining the physical and virtual worlds, and cloud-based Games are a new way of playing games using of power of servers on smartphones with reliable internet connection speed.
Esports and electronic sports are growing rapidly. Esports are multiplayer electronic games played comparatively by semi-professional players or professional players in a live public place, with live streaming to the fans usually accompanied by sports commentary. Smartphone and tablet games together contribute around 42 percent of global gaming revenue, higher than among Pc gaming consoles.
New job opportunities are being created with the technology advancement around in A.R. and V.R.. Since 2015, the A.R. and V.R. industries have seen a 93% increase in job postings. In Asia alone, the explosive US$70 billion gaming market is teeming opportunities with mobile, cloud, social, and esports gaming in the region.

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The Esports Industry

The esports industry platform finds some of its greatest gaming success with Asian nations, and the popularity of esports viewership and fans is growing in both North America and Asia similarly and are expected to breach 1$ in revenue in 2020. There are around 510 million esports fans across the globe total. The esports industry is of particular interest and will be the leading market in the gaming industry.
The sports industry is on a huge rise; exports grew by 22% year over year in southeast Asia in 2019; there were 154million Pc gamers in the area- and projected to grow 186million by 2023. The esports three-quarters of the revenue comes from sponsorships and media rights. The esports industry presents a tremendous opportunity worldwide; it is true in the Asia Pacific, home of the largest and most revenue-generating audience. The job postings in these esports platforms have increased significantly, with an 18% increase in 2018 and 57% since 2015. According to reports, esports has had professional esports players since 2000, and China has had the highest esports revenue in the year 2019. The gaming industry is also evolving within the cloud ecosystem. Indeed, the gaming industry has been quite a boon for Asian economics, revenues are up, and emerging trends are creating plenty of fresh opportunities., esports has now emerged as a wonderful platform and one of the strongest drivers of growth in the gaming industry.

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Why is Gaming is So Popular in the Asia Pacific – The Rise of Gaming in Asia 15

Future of Gaming in Asia

The gaming platform is growing at a very fast rate, driven by smartphone and internet penetration. In addition, new technologies like A.R. and V.R. transformed the gaming industry worldwide.
There are around 3million gamers worldwide, and Asia pacific gamers make up more than half of that number. So that’s y the gaming industry is called the hottest platform in the investment market today.

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As the Asian gaming industry evolves with new technology, more brands and companies will find potential investment opportunities in financial and marketing. So there’s a lot of entertainment and excitement waiting for us ahead.

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