Web3 Is Revolutionising The Indian Gaming Industry

Web3 has revolutionized many industries, including gaming. With the major shift from traditional gaming platforms, Web3-based games authorize the players to immerse in the fun in innovative and decentralized ways. People can play to earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs. It democratizes all facets of gaming and puts the major power in the hands of the player rather than confining it to one central authority within a game.
Although in traditional gaming, in-game subjects or digital assets are purchasable with fiat currency or can be contended as rewards, game operators still stock the copyrights to the in-game content. In easy words, players do not acquire the in-game digital assets. Rather, in traditional gaming, players’ ownership is a license for engaging with the factors of the game. Also, centralized gaming servers store all game-related data on servers, which game administrators control and govern. As a result, game developers do not have good resources or knowledge to monitor and enable a trade where players want to market their digital possession to earn a profit.

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Web3 Is Revolutionising The Indian Gaming Industry 11

Where are we with Web3 gaming?

While Web3 is in its early stages, we are giving near to this reality by the day, with more and more Web3 decentralized applications and games developed. Today’s Web3-based games offer new income potential for producers and users in the gaming industry. While producers profit by creating valuable digital properties and monetizing them through the transfer of ownership, players can benefit by investing in and marketing these digital assets. This idea appears to be a pipe dream, but there are problems in today’s Web3 gaming that the industry must address.
For starters, prevailing Web3-based games rely on simplistic gaming technicians, which limits the enjoyment elements for players and, as a finding, may result in low retention and a low lifespan. The digital assets in these games have always been built as opulent collectibles with artificial scarcity, which works for specialized communities but develops a double-edged sword that hinders more people from adopting these games. Finally, because these games rely on new players to endure, the high hurdles to access call the long-term viability of this financial model into doubt.

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Web3 Is Revolutionising The Indian Gaming Industry 12

Key Features Of Web3 Gaming

Web games are a significant exchange game model where people can acquire and trade in-game items and collectibles in different NFTs using cryptocurrencies.

Player-driven gaming

Web3 gaming tailors the gaming ecosystem founded on players’ liking. There are numerous ways in which Web3 gaming helps players. One is the play-to-earn facet, where they earn profit via their in-game commodities; another is old-game integration which brings the care of players’ wish to play their popular games on the metaverse. Another facet of player-driven gaming is that Web3 gaming benefits self-sovereignty, which is also for players’ benefit.

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Web3 Is Revolutionising The Indian Gaming Industry 13

Ownership and interoperability

Web3 gaming gives self-sovereignty where players can own in-game assets and collectibles as digital NFTs. In traditional gaming, players own in-game purchases and collectibles, but they miss all of their assets once they change the gaming platform. Web3 gaming understands this problem by giving true ownership and interoperability between many platforms. The players can own in-game aids on one platform and bring them to their next gaming platform.

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Web3 Is Revolutionising The Indian Gaming Industry 14

Improved availability and transparency

The distributed nature of the method is one of the most obvious aspects of what is web3 gaming. Unlike traditional games’ centralized servers, you don’t have a single point of downfall. Also, blockchain-based games expect voter consensus to improve the gaming process.
Web3 games, as a result, can give more transparency. Also, the web3 gaming ecosystem’s dominant operations with minimum central authority interest provide excellent availability. You can also boost highly resilient data storage capabilities and block minting for expanded scalability and reduced downtime. With the advancement of the Internet, its third-generation version pledges transparency in gaming. Your data has a bottle on the blockchain, and everyone can handily track every transaction. It develops a level playing space where everyone is equal.

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Web3 Is Revolutionising The Indian Gaming Industry 15

Integration of old games

This web gaming has another intriguing feature to integrate and promote legacy gaming models to the metaverse and blockchain platforms, creating them decentralized. The game method is personal, and each player has their own game of choice. Web3 gives to enhance old and popular games by expanding them into the metaverse, where players can develop their avatars and trade assets and collectibles in their beloved games. Web3 Games customize the game ecosystem founded on the player’s wishes. There are many ways in which Web3 games advantage players. One of them is the aspect of play-to-earn, where they boost through their in-game items; the difference is the integration of old games that attains the desire of players to play their special games in the metaverse. An additional aspect of player-driven gaming is that Web3 games facilitate self-sovereignty, which is again to the player’s benefit.

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Web3 Is Revolutionising The Indian Gaming Industry 16

Accessibility and openness

One of the most significant aspects of Web3 gaming is the emphasis on the occasional nature of the system. In different centralized games, you are not pendant on a single server. Voting agreements have also been utilized to add new features to blockchain-based games. It unlocks the door to more open Web3 games. Also, the Web3 gaming environment uses autonomously with minimal intervention from a centralized authority, confirming exceptional availability.

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Web3 Is Revolutionising The Indian Gaming Industry 17

Web3 In Popularity

Web3 will grow in popularity and accessibility over time, extremely in the gaming industry. Decentralization is used in Web 3 gaming so that nothing, not just the game’s creators, is the central figure.
All in-game aids belong to and are entirely under the control of the players. It indicates that once a user develops a new in-game item, it remains theirs to keep, use, and trade for additional assets or real money. Players who shift gaming platforms in traditional games lose all of their possessions, giving asset trading, tradeable game tokens, and opportunities to earn cryptocurrency while playing. Web3 puts the groundwork for the innovation of play-to-earn games. The aids are all individually different and kept in the form of gaming NFTs.

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Web3 Is Revolutionising The Indian Gaming Industry 18

Why is Web3 gaming the future?

With blockchain technology’s inception, a new gaming moment is dawning. Web3 gaming is the future because it facilitates a new level of interactivity and transparency that traditional gaming platforms cannot game. In a Web3 game, players can acquire their in-game bargains and truly own them.
It tells that they can trade, peddle, or provide away as they please. Again, this level of player independence is not apparent on traditional gaming platforms. In addition, Web3 games have powered by smart agreements. Furthermore, this enables a class of transparency and fairness that is not apparent with traditional gaming platforms.
With smart contracts, players can convince that the game they are fiddling with is fair and that the game developers cannot arbitrarily shift the rules. Web3 gaming is the future because it gives players a new level of freedom and transparency that conventional gaming platforms cannot match.

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Web3 Is Revolutionising The Indian Gaming Industry 19


The gaming industry is not only wanted to change drastically but, at the exact time, also expected to prosper. The gaming industry has expected to adapt to Web 3.0 and the new economic climate. While the gaming industry will profit, gamers and all implicated in the sector will also. Gaming companies are slowly working to develop this platform of Web3 gaming. There will be a time of considerable progress as we promote the ecosystem to adapt actual gaming works as the ecosystem continues to scale up for more developed types of game investing.

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Web3 Is Revolutionising The Indian Gaming Industry 20

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