VW reveals plans for 50% battery cost: Read now

Volkswagen made this announcement on their ‘power day.’ They disclosed their plant to pull down costs of batteries by 50 %. They also announced a plan of getting 240 GHz capacity. As per the plan presentation, VW is going to secure a supply of batteries for production.
We can remember Tesla’s Battery day; VW held a similar event, ‘power day/. The plan of a 50% reduction in battery costs is also similar to Tesla.

Board member for technology at VW, Thomas Schmall, said:

‘Company will reduce the cost of battery cells while improving performance and range. VW hopes these two things can bring prices down and these cars will become affordable.

We want to make eVehicles the most major drive technology in automobile sector. New unified cells and inhouse production is going to help us to bring costs down. Company aims to reduce costs by Consistant recycling, and implementation of new technologies.

We aim to install new improved battery cell in 80% of our electric vehicles by 2030. Next year we will roll out this batteries in our vehicles.’

In this decade, VW is going to build six new production facilities to gain 240 GHz capacity. These factories are going to change the game by reducing entry-level battery vehicles of VW. The company hopes to gain new customers by making these cars more affordable and efficient in performance. VW aims to complete its battery supply needs with in-house production as well as suppliers.

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VW reveals plans for 50% battery cost: Read now 2

BP in Great Britain, Iberdrola in Spain, and Enel in Italy are new partners of VW to develop charging infrastructure in these three countries. By 2025. We will see 18,000 public fast-charging points in Europe. In the USA and Canada, VW will install around 3,500 fast-charging points with Electrify Canada and Electrify America.

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