Volkswagen ID.4: All You Need to Know

The trend of electric vehicles(EVs) becoming normal is really picking its pace. We have a lot of offerings from different brands and it is not a world ruled by Tesla. We have the Mustang Mach E, the Porsche, and a lot of others. Well, the new and latest addition in this sector is Volkswagen ID.4.

In this article, we are going to talk about the new Volkswagen ID.4 and all that you need to know about the new EV by Volkswagen.

Volkswagen ID.4

Driving and General Experience of VW ID.4

Starting from the very important things first, the driving and general feel of the car. Over time, we are used to see EVs as something from the future. That’s why we expect them to have these fancy features like touch-buttons to open the gate. But this one is very normal in that sense. It has normal handles both on the internal and external. The dashboard also has some buttons. Unlike a Tesla, it does not run from a single big screen.

Volkswagen ID.4 EV

Talking about the driving, VW ID.4 does not have a tree shifter, it has a dial on top of the dash. You have to double-click it in order to put it into regenerative braking “1 pedal driving” mode. That is a bit unconventional. However, this does not affect the driving experience. The drive on ID.4 is smooth and quiet. The steering is smooth, turning is effortless and the braking system is very good too. It goes 0-60 in the low 7 seconds range.

With that said, if you are going to compare it to the top cars like Tesla or Mustang Mach-E, then you might get a slight disappointment. But this is a very normal car that operates very smoothly. You get the Eco mode and Sport mode as well on this.



The VW ID.4 looks really cool in real life. It has these big 20-inch wheels that look very good. The 1st Edition has this white wheel/cluster that just looks so amazing. This is good especially when we are all used to red and black being the aesthetic colors. The dashboard accents are very airy. The glass ceiling above looks great and the overall environment is very welcoming.

Range and Charging

The VW ID.4 comes with a 82KWh battery pack. The company says that you can get about 250 miles of EPA-rated range. The range is quite decent on this one. You can get 11kW Level 2 charging at home. You can also add about 30 miles per hour of charge. Volkswagen includes the common 32A cables with it. As of now, Volkswagen doesn’t have a “Plug and Charge” standard but they promised to bring it with an over-the-air update.


The starting price for Volkswagen ID.4 is USD 39,995. However, you can get a federal tax credit of up to USD 7,500 on this EV which makes its effective price USD 32,495. You can book one now from the official Volkswagen website.

Closing Phrase

If you look at the EV market, there are all these launches of big cars like the new Tesla Model S Plaid edition, Mustang Mach-E, and others which are quite expensive. It is really good to see some affordable cars like the Volkswagen ID.4.

This is a very viable option for a lot of people. It is very interesting to see a lot of car manufacturers bringing their EVs in the market.

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