Trump’s New Social Media and Twitter Undo

If you use Twitter, I bet you’ve come across the times when you tweeted something accidentally or made a typo that can’t be edited. Until you delete the whole tweet (this bummer is due to the absence of Twitter Undo Button). 

I’m sure that this must’ve made you livid, especially when the tweet is lengthy and you just made a minor mistake; now you have to delete all that and rewrite it

But guess what? 

Twitter is working on a new Twitter feature called ‘Twitter Undo,’ which will solve this problem…

Or more like solve it to some extent, hopefully. 

While everyone is talking about this Twitter New Undo Feature, Former US President Donald Trump decides to drop another bomb by announcing Trump’s new social media platform. 

Yep, you heard that right; Trump wants to launch a new Platform for himself after facing the ban from almost all social media platforms. 

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Trump’s New Social Media

Recently, President Trump has decided to launch a new platform for himself and his followers on social media. He has decided to return to social media by building Trump’s new social media app. 

Trump’s New Social Media and Twitter Undo
(Image From BBC)

Trump’s spokesperson, Jason Miller, bought this news on Saturday, claiming that Trump’s new social media release will bring “tens of millions” users and will, I quote, “completely redefine the game.”

Donald Trump has appealed to develop an unbiased new media platform in the past as well but nobody gave him any response. 

President Trump and his followers have also tried moving onto a different app called Parler, but due to services’ violence, the app itself was removed from the play store, app store, and even Amazon Web Services. 

That didn’t go well, did it? 

I believe that if this Donald Trump’s new social media will contain the same contents as his and his supporter’s history suggest, then it’s safe to say that this one will also be a failure. Not to mention that the idea of him building Trump’s new social media seems quite, what can I say, unsettling as it is. 

Now the question remains how this new social media platform will be a game-changer? 

Because as far as we remember, the riots and the violent content banned Trump from social media. Have to say that did change the game in its own way.

Will this platform give rise to new riots after launching?

Or will it be a peaceful platform? 

Only the future will tell.

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Undo Your Tweet

Imagine typing a long and important tweet, tweeting it, and when it’s been published, noticing a typo that was definitely not there when you last checked it! 

I think we’ve all gone through something similar or maybe something even worst, such as accidentally posting a private or embarrassing picture.

    Trump’s New Social Media and Twitter Undo
(Image From 9to5mac)

 Now, let’s pretend that you’re a widely followed celebratory. Such a scandalous cherry on top of an impending disaster. 

Well….that will go to the headlines for sure. 

But worry not because Twitter has been working on a new feature called undo tweet. That will enable the users to undo and then edit their tweets basically. 

Sounds like a plan!

But (there’s always a ‘but’ isn’t there) the real bummer is that you have to get the subscription o access this feature…..

Yeah, you have to pay for this feature, and chances are, if you’re a broke student or just broke in general, then this feature isn’t for you, sadly. 

How will it work?

Let’s try to unfold how this Undo Tweet feature differs from that of the delete tweet feature we already use;

The tweet is forever lost when deleted.

But with the Twitter new feature, you can simply;

 Undo the tweet, meaning the tweet will be removed from the public’s eye.

 Then you go ahead and make the necessary changes. 

You can make the changes publish the same tweet. Easy and convenient.

As much as this feature is useful, it’s also not free, unfortunately. 

Although it has not been made clear that this feature will be paid only and anything can change before its official release. It’s clear that Twitter might encourage more people to subscribe through this stunt. 

After all, Twitter is a business, and as harsh as it may sound, everything within a business is based upon raising money. 

Well, that sure became a reality check.

However, it cannot be denied that many people are disappointed because of this, as not everyone can become a subscriber. Maybe it’ll change in the future due to user demand, but this is how it is. 

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Final Verdict

Although not many details are provided about Trump’s social media, but it looks like he’s adamant about making this comeback, and all we can do is sit back and watch how things unfold. 

Although I’m leaning more towards the downfall side of it, you didn’t hear me say that!

Twitter also brings about the news of its new feature of Twitter Undo, which will improve the user experience. Only subscribers can access this feature.

Now, will Twitter make more profit from it by getting new subscribers, or will the algorithm remain the same? 

Only time will tell.

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