Tracking private user data makes Google eligible to face $ 5B lawsuits, Judge Rules. Read Now

Do you know tech giant Google collects user data in incognito mode? Surprisingly Judge finds Google is not informing this thing to users.

Google got failure in sacking lawsuit against them for tracking, collecting their users’ private data, even if they use incognito mode. It doesn’t matter whether you use chrome’s incognito mode or other private mode browsers; Google will still track your activities on the internet. 

On Friday at California, US District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose stated in her judgment that Google did not inform people about their tracking and collecting data in incognito mode. Her ruling came out while hot debates about how tech giants Google and Facebook tracks users and take private data.

This is $5 billion lawsuit on Google became intense as the court found that Google collects data via Google Analytics, Google ad-manager, and other mobile applications in the name of giving a good user experience. 

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Tracking private user data makes Google eligible to face $ 5B lawsuits, Judge Rules. Read Now 2

Many people are always concerned about privacy, and they use incognito mode. But now, we can indeed say that your incognito mode season is not private. Tech giants like Google and Facebook face criticism for collecting personal data and using it for generating revenue. 

Google did not rush to respond to the same lawsuit, but they said that Google always informs the user about data collection when they open the private window.

Now this will be interesting to see what Google says in an official comment which Judge asks. This lawsuit is defiantly going to spread more awareness in people about internet privacy. 

Is user data safe?

We are waiting for an official response from Google to understand the other side more clearly about what they collect, how they collect, and where they use that data. So we will get back to you with a more details about the case soon.


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