Top- Rated 5 Best Air Room Fresheners of 2021

5 Best Air Room Fresheners
Top- Rated 5 Best Air Room Fresheners of 2021 13

We all are excited by the odor and fragrance of sweet-smelling substances. Whether it is from candles, food or air fresheners. Having a good scented home provides a clean look and odor to your home. The 5 best air fresheners help in banishing bad and unwanted odor from your room or closed spaces. 

5 Best Air Room Fresheners
Top- Rated 5 Best Air Room Fresheners of 2021 14

In this article, we have listed some of the 5 best air room fresheners, which you can buy now and make your home a sweet-smelling space. We have tried and tested all these room fresheners ourselves, but make sure that you take into consideration your own limitations before buying them. 

Top- Rated 5 Best Air Room Fresheners


5 Best Air Room Fresheners
Top- Rated 5 Best Air Room Fresheners of 2021 15

This is one of the best natural air fresheners available, which can provide a clean odour to your home. 

Best Use: Room freshening for multiple purposes

Size: 8oz

Type: Spray

Scent: Lavender/Basil/Lemon Verbena/Honeysuckle

Best Suitable for: This room freshener from Mrs Meyers is non-aerosol in nature with no added synthetic perfume. It is best suitable for its eco-conscious nature.

Scent: Just like a majority of products form Mrs Meyers, the scent of this room freshener is light and fresh. Their room fresheners smell just like hand soaps and cleaning liquids. 

Results: From what we found out, it is best suitable for pillow sprays and can be sprayed all over your room or car. It can also be used to rejuvenate the chest drawers and your clothes. 

Good to know: If you are really in love with this smell then you can use it to make your home smell like a sweet.


5 Best Air Room Fresheners
Top- Rated 5 Best Air Room Fresheners of 2021 16

This is one of the best disinfectant sprays, it is a multi-use spray which can kill all kinds of odour. 

Best Use: Multi-use

Size: 12.5oza

Type: Spray

Scent: Lavender

Best suitable for: Well, if you are looking for an air freshener that sanitizes too, Lysol Max cover disinfectant is the perfect product for you. 

Scent: Lysol disinfectant is available in a different variety of smells, but hands down the Lavender Fields scent is one of the all-time favorites. 

Can be used on: This product is designed with the aim to not only give you a good smell, but also claims to kill 99.9% bacteria on both hard and soft surfaces. You can spray it anywhere you want around the house. 

Results: This is a multi-use spray, which can tackle any kind of smell. While initially it leaves a strong smell, with time the smell becomes light and pleasant. An add on to this spray is the wide-angle coverage which makes it easier to spray on sofas and mattresses. 

Good to know: Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, Lysol has become a difficult product to grab your hands on. As soon as you find this product, make sure you buy a few cans which will last you for the next few months. 

3. Natural Air Purifying Bag from Moso

5 Best Air Room Fresheners
Top- Rated 5 Best Air Room Fresheners of 2021 17

Moso’s natural air purifying bag is best for you if you are sensitive to strong fragrances. 

Best Use: People suffering from Asthma

Size: 200g

Type: Activated Charcoal

Scent: None

Best Suitable for: Moso’s air purifier is the best choice for you if you are irritated from strong fragrances, or you suffer from asthma or other allergies. It is made from all natural materials and is fragrance and chemical free.

Scent: The bag is composed of bamboo and charcoal which traps pollutants without giving out any odour. 

Results: You think of pet areas, powder rooms etc, these bags will trap all the unwanted odour and will work the best in small and closed spaces. For larger rooms you will need to install more than one bag. 

Good to Know: Each of these bags can last for upto 2 years. But still they need to be charged up by placing them in the sun for upto 2 hours. 

4. Small Spaces Air Purifier from Febreze

5 Best Air Room Fresheners
Top- Rated 5 Best Air Room Fresheners of 2021 18

Febreze’s small spaces air purifier is the best to keep a good and subtle fragrance in small spaces. 

Best for: Warming scent

Size: .25

Type: NONE

Scent: Peony & cedar

Best Suitable for: This small and compact air freshener is best suited for coat closets, hallways and also for houses with smokers. 

Scent: Peony and Cedar is a unique fragrance as far as air fresheners are concerned. It is a perfect smell for lazy winters or early spring season as it has a fresh and cozy smell. 

It is also available in other fragrances like, Bamboo, Cranberry, Linen etc. 

Results: The Febreze’s small spaces air purifier is the perfect product to always keep your house smelling good. But you cannot really know the amount of bad smell that will go away in a few sprays, as it is not for the kitchen smell. 

Good to know: It is very compact and small; therefore, you can keep it anywhere in the bathroom or a closet and no one will even notice it. 

5. Febreze Air Freshener

5 Best Air Room Fresheners
Top- Rated 5 Best Air Room Fresheners of 2021 19

This is one of the best air room fresheners which you can buy to bring pleasant odours in your home. 

Best Use: Instant odour removal

Size: 300ml

Type: Spray

Scent: Unscented/Fresh

Best Suitable for: Many of us do not like stinky places, well now you need not worry about the bad smell, as there is no smell this product cannot tackle. 

Scent: Talking about its fragrance, this specific product from Febreze doesn’t really have a strong smell, but it surely has a pleasing and soft smell, which keeps the environment light. 

Can be used on: This product is designed to give a good odour to your room, so you should avoid spraying it on any furniture or clothes. It can also make the floor slippery, therefore you have to be careful while you spray it round the house. 

Results: Just one spray is enough to make a difference in the smell. The air will start cleaning up just after one spray. It is the perfect product when you want your house or room to smell good instantly.

Good to know: If you are looking for more sprays, Febreze has many more sprays with different kinds of smells, depending on your need and choice you can go for a strong or a light spray. 


In this article we have mentioned some of the 5 best air room fresheners in the USA which can be bought online on Amazon 2021. All these room fresheners listed above were thoroughly researched by us before we even recommended them to you. 

You should always do your own research and keep in mind the specification which suits you the best before you go ahead and buy one. 

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