Top 8 Video Games that Got Banned in Some Countries and Why?

Many people believe that intense video games should be banned by asserting that video games can adversely influence people. A few just cases that the violence within the game can bring someone’s to execute violent rules. The video game industry retains its dark side also. While several video games retain successfully got the interest of people across the nation, other games couldn’t successfully overcome the demand in many nations and got banned. The modern video game controls are almost one component in a more extensive range of country policies on the youth aspect. If one rules violently in a game, that does not suggest getting those actions into this current reality. Essentially video games are barely an alternate universe. Games can moreover be a path to reduce stress and anger, and instead, we’re moving to grab a glance at some of the incredibly famous banned video games in the world and why they existed banned.

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Top 8 Video Games that Got Banned in Some Countries and Why? 10


Counter-Stride is recognized for banning games that the nation doesn’t consider a match for the public. Just though the original Counter-Strike was released over two decades back, it existed banned in 2008 for its report of Rio de Janeiro’s slum quarters. The game was recently sold game but was deceased outright prohibited. Counter-Strike is by no normals a game for kids, but there are a lot of other violent games than Counter-Strike. However, the reality that Counter-Strike pits Counter-Terrorists against Terrorists may retain influenced Brazil’s determination to forbid its inhabitants from playing the game.

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Top 8 Video Games that Got Banned in Some Countries and Why? 11

Grand Theft Auto

GTA is one of the most played and famous video games they played and created by Rockstar Games. Some countries like Thailand, Pakistan, South Africa, and Argentina banned this game. It’s unbelievable to make a plan of dubious games without referencing the GTA franchise. Each time a modern game from the sequel appears, it’s encircled by controversy. There exist several legal issues respecting it. But for the most significant basis, reviewers have directed on the severe nature of the sequel and the path it improves illicit life. Each GTA game settles the player in the role of a career criminal implicated in car robbery, kidnapping, slaughter, drugs, and many more. Grand Theft Auto sequel has existed many things to various people, but while millions of performers have admired these games’ open-world gameplay and richly thorough settings.

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Top 8 Video Games that Got Banned in Some Countries and Why? 12


The search game was Published by Rockstar Games and created by Rockstar London for Microsoft Windows and PS2, and Manhunt is a psychological horror stealth video game. It’s difficult to tell if Manhunt became famous because it existed banned. Still, what is simple to say is that Manhunt fully excludes in various countries is adequate. The search obtained a series that advanced to services available on the Nintendo Wii. Because of the console’s creative control system, you can only comprehend the anger born out of discerning. The game lets players emulate the sensation of precisely excavating people up utilizing their bare hands and different weapons.

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Top 8 Video Games that Got Banned in Some Countries and Why? 13

God of War

One of the most famous games for Playstation consoles is banned in Saudi Arabia. When it arrives at game censorship, Saudi Arabia is like a parent who discusses a massive talk but pinches your grounding after a day because he’s a big pansy. There’s nominally a ban on various violent and further sexual titles, but the administration is not certainly invested in executing it. The God of War series retains plenty of blood to receive it a position, but that’s not the just reason asserted. Amassing the word “God” in the title existed the ultimate straw. Almost for a fun moment, understand what would occur in America if we banned a game for that purpose, then proceed reading when ironic chuckles subside. Bit nothing is revealed explicitly; there’s ever some aspect of optical insinuation close like a fountain spewing water or a candle seeping wax that almost makes us moan, and not in an excellent way. It would retain existed better if they left this type of sophomoric wit out of our effort games and only let us bang skulls in like sophisticated folk.

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Top 8 Video Games that Got Banned in Some Countries and Why? 14


Pokemon was also ultimately banned in ordinary because it was believed to facilitate gambling between the collectors. In Saudi Arabia, Pokemon existed banned for Promoting Gambling And Having Spiritual Symbolism. The Pokemon craze has dissipated like a wildfire throughout the world continuously since its origin. Due to a slight hesitation, the Arabic part world would initially obtain its craze disease. Still, not every region in the Arab nation was ready to welcome the franchise with transparent arms. Saudi Arabia would result in disagreement when the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, which is deemed the most special religious permission in the region, authorized a ban on the Pokemon franchise. He clarified that his primary problem with the franchise existed with the trading card game, which for some motive he thought had religious symbols disseminated on them very as The Star Of David and would be utilized to facilitate various religions.

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Top 8 Video Games that Got Banned in Some Countries and Why? 15

Mortal Kombat series 2011

The famous fighting game franchise retains ever been contentious due to its severe levels of violence, personal the game’s infamous casualty moves, which allow players to finish off opponents in extremely violent and gruesome paths. And the Mortal Kombat reboot game departed a step distant. It expanded the new vicious X-ray plays, which indicated bone-crunching violence and the infringement of body parts in stunning slow action. One could assert that these video games exist as innocuous recreation and that they won’t swivel people into vicious sociopaths. Still, the South Korean censors did not approve of this. They created the game’s violence and brutality too great for gamers and banned the country.

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Top 8 Video Games that Got Banned in Some Countries and Why? 16

PUBG Mobile

Player unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a battle royale-style game in which players face off against each different in a single platform, striving to bring out everyone else and fulfill the final player standing. This game is among several other battle royale games that have become super prominent in the last few years, but the mobile version was banned in India. The game became massively popular in India before it existed banned. The ban arrived after reports leaked that severe themes could oversee violent inclinations in its young fanbase. It prevailed even reported that people lived charged or fined for playing the game after the ban. PUBG is banned for causing social withdrawal and mental health problems. Video game addiction is a severe issue that is evolving widespread.

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You might not learn extensively about the Football Manager sequel. Unlike different soccer games, in Football Manager, you signify managing a football club. We’re discussing browsing emails, assessing financial spreadsheets, approach with player activity, and all the different boring fractions you usually affect in FIFA. And also, the 2005 edition of this game somehow managed to move and obtain itself banned. Bringing your hands on an illicit copy was nothing to fool about. The Ministry of Culture in China agreed this supervision sim wasn’t moving to wreak any destruction and banned the game on the bottoms that it suggested damage to the country’s domination and territorial honesty.

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