TikTok Comedian Tyrone Tiaga Plays Minecraft on Stream

TikTok Comedian Tyrone Tiaga Plays Minecraft on the Stream. The Nigma Galaxy content creator started his stream by baiting his fans for a possible live announcement, starting his Minecraft stream series.

During his first Minecraft stream, he revealed that he had had to play experience with Minecraft — specifically the PlayStation 3 version.

“I used to play Minecraft… Tsaka sa ps3 yun na version,” Tiaga stated.

As expected of a comedian, the Minecraft stream was full of hilarious moments.

TikTok Comedian Tyrone Tiaga is on fire.

Although Tiaga previously stated that he played Minecraft before, the hilarity of the entire stream stems from his actions that were akin to a newbie.

He used a wooden pickaxe to get wood, kill pigs, and harvest wool from killing sheep. He also jokingly called chickens “pato” (duck), got lost away from his spawn point, asked if there’s a map in the game, accidentally crafted carpets instead of using the wool for a bed, terrorized and subsequently killed a cow while looking for more sheep, got curious with an axolotl, and died from a drowned zombie — he did all of these while providing his signature comedic commentary.

TikTok Comedian Tyrone Tiaga Plays Minecraft on Stream

Tyrone Tiaga is a prominent video content creator for TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube for Nigma Galaxy. He currently boasts 1.6 million followers on Facebook, 7 million on TikTok, and 528k subscribers on YouTube.

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