Third-generation AirPods and New HiFi Apple Music For You.

A new rumor suggests that Apple will announce the third-generation AirPods. The recently rumored HiFi level, or high fidelity Apple Music level, on Tuesday, May 18, via a press release on its website.

Apple Music Hi-Fi Tier Rumoured To Appear Within Weeks and Will Launch With  AirPods

Miani, who we reached out to, said new “ AirPods ” could be announced on May 18 via a press release that could also include the debut of “ Apple Music‌ HiFi.”

Third-generation AirPods and HiFi Apple music

Apple Music May Get 'Hi-Fi' Audio Streaming Tier Alongside AirPods 3 Launch  At WWDC - Tech

Apple did not launch the Third-generation AirPods 3 at its Spring event. So now rumors are pointing to a launch later this month.

Apple introduced the new iPad, new iMac, new Apple TV, and the brand-new AirTag at its Spring Loaded event. But there was one product that was not a part of the launch announcement, the AirPods 3.

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Rumors have pointed towards the launch of third-generation AirPods for a long time. However, the iPhone maker seems to be taking more time. That might end if a new rumor is anything to go by. A new sketchy leak now suggests that the Apple Third-generation AirPods 3 might arrive on May 18.

Apple Might Unveil New AirPods & Apple Music Hi-Fi Tier - Appleosophy

YouTuber Luke Miani (via AppleTrack) has claimed that it will indeed launch the third-generation AirPods this month. The launch date will be May 18, according to Miani, who has cited sources privy to the development. The rumor from the YouTuber also suggests that the AirPods 3 are ready to ship. Also, they will announce their launch through a press release on May 18.

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He has also suggested that Apple may introduce a new HiFi plan for Apple Music subscribers. In addition to this rumor, AppleTrack, the website that spoke to Miani, has claimed it has separately heard Apple plan a May launch for the next AirPods.

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The Bottom Line

The Apple HiFi plan seems real. Some enthusiasts who tinkered with the iOS 14.6 beta code found evidence. Above all, Apple Music will soon offer a HiFi plan with Dolby Audio support. And for the AirPods 3, there has been a deluge of rumors and leaks that have pointed to an imminent launch.

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In fact, these rumors were certain the new AirPods 3 would arrive at the Spring event, but that did not happen. The anticipation around the new AirPods is high, mainly because Apple has not updated its truly wireless earphones for a while. The situation is so bad that people are falling for fake AirPods 3 selling as the original.

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