The Pool Cleaning robot: Now on discount on Amazon.

This pool cleaning robot will help you clean you swimming area with no bacteria and viruses. This will surely help you enjoy your swimming sessions with daily care.

The Pool Cleaning robot cordless vacuum
The Pool Cleaning robot: Now on discount on Amazon. 7

Let’s have the best pool in our own home.

Well, you should know that you’re definitely not alone. Having a pool in your backyard is amazing, but having to worry about cleaning it constantly is not. This year, however, we’re going to introduce you to a pair of amazing little devices that are going to change your pool maintenance routine completely. We’re talking about the Paxcess Cordless 8600 Robot Pool Cleaner, which is on sale right now — including a new all-time low price for the flagship 8600 model for one day only at Amazon!

Pool cleaning robots have been popular for quite a long time because they help eliminate some of the most annoying parts of pool maintenance. As great as they are. However, they often come with little issues of their own. Sometimes they get stuck, sometimes the hoses come off, sometimes they flip and can’t right themselves, and sometimes they get clogged. If you love the concept but can’t stand all the annoying little problems that pop up, we have an awesome solution.

The Pool Cleaning robot cordless vacuum
The Pool Cleaning robot: Now on discount on Amazon. 8

Just the clean water and your swimming.

No, we’re not going to suggest that you go back to a manual pool vacuum to clean your pool, and we’re definitely not going to tell you to break out your old scrubbing brush. Instead, you should definitely check out one of Paxcess’s awesome cordless pool cleaning robots!

The Paxcess Cordless 8600 Robot Pool Cleaner is a compelling product for any pool owner. Cleaning your pool any other way will seem crazy after you give this awesome robotic pool cleaner a shot. It’s completely cordless, and there’s no hose or anything else to worry about, and it has a large 8,600 mAh battery that runs for 90 minutes per charge. It’s a powerful robot pool cleaner that scrubs all the filth off of your pool floor.

Did we say “pool floor?” This awesome robot can also climb the walls of your pool, so every square inch is covered. Isn’t it as crazy as anything?

The Pool Cleaning robot cordless vacuum swimming water
The Pool Cleaning robot: Now on discount on Amazon. 9

The best robot pool cleaner just for you.

The Paxcess Cordless 8600 Robot Pool Cleaner is fantastic, but it’s also a pricey proposition at $1,300. Of course, it’s worth every penny at that price since you’re going to love it so much. But just because it’s worth $1,300 doesn’t mean you should pay $1,300. Head over to Amazon right now, and you’ll find that this awesome robot is Amazon’s deal of the day. Amazon’s sale shaves a whopping $400 off the price so that you can snag one for just $899.99. Do go and have a check of this amazing gadget which will help you swim clean.

The only one Wall-Climbing cordless automatic pool cleaner in the world is PAXCESS Cordless 8600. This robotic pool cleaner possesses advanced brushes to provide strong adsorption and excellent wall climbing without worrying about falling when climbing. The pool robot pre-installed a unique computer program and superb worry-free sensor array, and it will not run outside the pool. After it cleans the waterline, the pool cleaner will go back to the pool from the wall.

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The Pool Cleaning robot: Now on discount on Amazon. 10

The Newest Robotic Cleaner.

PAXCESS cordless automatic pool cleaner is the most innovative pool robot cleaner. It can clean in-ground pools/above-ground pools for Max.1614 sq ft. Put aside the restraint of the power cord; our cordless pool cleaner robot is equipped with the largest 8600mah lithium-ion battery, which can achieve up to MAX.90 minutes of work; it can operate without a cable attached to an electrical outlet, allowing greater mobility.

With advanced detection technology, the PAXCESS cordless pool cleaner can detect different working situations by itself, and these working situations will be displayed with different lights. According to different colors, you can take different actions for it. Such as the yellow light is on, you should charge the battery. With battery detection technology, the pool cleaner will stop alongside the pool shore when the battery drained out or completing the working cycle by itself.

swimming water
The Pool Cleaning robot: Now on discount on Amazon. 11

All with easy filter cleaning.

With twin extra-large top access filter baskets, the PAXCESS pool vacuum cleaner not only traps leaves, dirt, and fine debris but also cleans and circulates the water- leaving your pool sparkling clean. You just need to press the front button to open the top covers, remove the filter baskets, and rinse them with a garden hose.

An extended 2-year manufacturer’s assurance backs Paxcess in-ground pool cleaner, so you don’t need to worry about after-sale service.

The Pool Cleaning robot cordless vacuum swimming water
The Pool Cleaning robot: Now on discount on Amazon. 12

Read clean your pool and have fun.

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