The new broadcast bill could control all posts on Social Media.

Experts say the new broadcast bill could regulate all posts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The new broadcast bill for YouTube and social media freedom of speech

Above all, New changes in a proposed bill could force websites like YouTube to ensure certain videos they recommend are from Canadian artists.

Moreover, Recent government changes to the bill meant to modernize the Canadian broadcasting act. It could expand regulation to everything individual Canadians put on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

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The new broadcast bill against the freedom of speech.

The new broadcast bill for YouTube and social media freedom of speech

In a word, A new broadcasting bill could regulate all your Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube posts, experts say.

In its current state, the bill would turn the YouTube video of a kid’s soccer game. Also, the Instagram reel you posted of your brunch into a “program” that could be subject to regulation under the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC) rules.

“It’s your Facebook post. It’s your tweet. Firstly, It’s your cat videos. Secondly, It’s your pictures of your children and grandchildren and that sort of stuff,” said Peter Menzies, a former CRTC vice-chair and past newspaper publisher.

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“What it means is that somebody will be watching that, from the government, or a government regulator, and will be able to order it to be taken down if they find that it doesn’t suit whatever purposes they have.”

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All in all, One goal of the proposed law is to ensure large online streaming services contribute to the “creation, production and discoverability of Canadian content,” according to Camille Gagné-Raynauld, a spokesperson for the Canadian heritage minister.

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“The bill specifically targets professional series, films, and music. Ensuring that large broadcasters, online or not, contribute to our broadcasting system. It is a crucial element in asserting our cultural sovereignty in English, French and Indigenous language,” she explained.

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More broadly, the bill is aimed at modernizing the Broadcasting Act. The Canadians consume things like music and movies differently nowadays — often using streaming services or social media.

Altogether, By bringing platforms like YouTube and Netflix under the Act, they’d be forced to pay a portion of their revenue.

The Bottom Line

The new broadcast bill in Canada

The liberal government says controversial changes to the broadcasting bill will only apply to professional content. Your free speech is at risk with Ottawa’s push to regulate online content, experts warn.

The new broadcast bill for YouTube and social media freedom of speech

Google, which owns YouTube, has also raised free speech concerns.

By and large, cat videos and acoustic covers of Taylor Swift songs by amateur musicians are supposed to be safe.  

But the CRTC would have wide latitude to decide how to implement its new powers — and concerns about regulatory overreach remain.

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