The call of duty game is going to be shut down now.

The Call of Duty Online game is shutting down and pushing players to join Call of Duty: Mobile as a free-to-play alternative title in China.

The Call of Duty Online is shutting down and pushing players to join Call of Duty

Tencent announced that Call of Duty Online would be shutting down for good due to declining interest. Fans of cod can switch to Call of Duty: Mobile as an alternative free experience. While Call of Duty Online has been the prominent franchise title within China’s market, the game developers have decided it is time to move on and push Call of Duty: Mobile to its audience.

Now, you can’t play the call of duty game.

Call of Duty Online originally was released in 2015 following its 2012 beta. Above all, initially, officials designed the game to help Call of Duty breach the Chinese market. The franchise has previously struggled due to cost and distribution laws for various aspects of it. Above all, they free-to-play alternative showed decent success impressing the foreign audience. After six years of service, the game is officially coming to an end.

After six years of operations in China, finally Tencent is going to shut down Call of Duty Online in August this year. Also, with the player base that has already created they can move towards COD Mobile.

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As a matter of fact, announced by the CODOL team in China. COD is shuting down owing to declining revenue and player base numbers. The developers have also released a timeline for the phase-out.

Tencent shared the following statement for COD Online fans ahead of the game’s shutdown:

“Thank you, fighters, for your love and companionship to Call of Duty Online in the past 6 years. We are honored to be able to create and share an unforgettable gaming experience with you. Call of Duty Online will not be available in China at the end of August. Call of Duty Mobile will take its place. Sincere thanks to all the fighters of Call of Duty Online!”

The bottom line

Call of Duty Online was a free-to-play title that was exclusive to the Chinese market. January 2015 was the date when it came to the picture.

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The decision to shut it down is part of Activision’s efforts to consolidate its player base in China and shift it to Asia’s growing COD Mobile community.

The Call of Duty Online is shutting down and pushing players to join Call of Duty

With the added player count from China, queue times in Asia will significantly go down for COD Mobile. Other benefits include increased revenue from in-game sales that will ensure the longevity of COD Mobile.

The shutdown will occur in three phases:

  • May 31, 2021 – Microtransactions will be closed.
  • June 1, 2021 – New sign-ups will be closed.
  • August 31, 2021 – Complete server shutdown.

Tencent has announced that bonus content awaits COD Online players who make the switch to COD Mobile. They will also host in-game events until the end of Call of Duty Online’s life cycle to provide bonus content for players making the switch.

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