The Best iPhone accessories to purchase in 2021

When it comes to buying new iPhone accessories, the market is completely flooded. For instance, if you search “Lightning cable” on Amazon, you’ll find more than 20,000 results. If you pick the cheapest one, you could end up with a ripped cord in a week, or even worse — a fried charging port.

We’ve done the research for you and have tested most of the iPhone accessories in this guide so you can be sure to have the best. Our picks will help keep your iPhone scratch- and scuff-free, powered up, and ready to go

1. Apple AirPods (Latest Model)

Apple iPhone accessories
The Best iPhone accessories to purchase in 2021 13

Apple’s latest earbuds will instantly upgrade your iPhone experience. They instantly pair with your iPhone, offer excellent sound quality, and are perfect for taking phone calls. Even better, they feature an all-new wireless charging case, meaning you can cut yet another cord from your life.

2. SteelSeries Nimbus+ Bluetooth Controller

apple iPhone accessories
The Best iPhone accessories to purchase in 2021 14

This Nimbus+ is an excellent iPhone accessory that makes for the most comfortable gaming experience across the App Store and Apple Arcade.

The controller supports popular games, including Sneaky Sasquatch, Butter Royale, and Crossy Road Castle. The controller features clickable joysticks and offers gamers 50 hours of battery life. It even includes a nifty mount for attaching it to your iPhone.

3. Apple Watch Series 5

iPhone accessories
The Best iPhone accessories to purchase in 2021 15

Hands down, the Apple Watch is the best smartwatch money can buy. Aside from its elegant design and intuitive user interface, its built-in GPS will precisely keep track of your outdoor activities while an ultra accurate ECG-capable heart-rate sensor will keep your health in check.

With optional cellular connectivity among its key features, the latest Apple Watch allows users to take a break from their iPhone during their workouts. The display of the watch is also the best in the business — it’s bright and easy to navigate even under direct sunlight.

Plus, it has an always-on display, meaning you no longer have to lift or flick your wrist to get the time.

The best iPhone wireless charging

4. Moshi Otto Q

1 3 9to5game
The Best iPhone accessories to purchase in 2021 16
  • It is one of best-designed wireless chargers out there.
  • it supports fast wireless charging and ensures your device won’t slip with its silicone ring.
Pros: Nice design, fast-charging support, non-slip features
Cons: Doesn’t come with an adapter

There are a few things that make this such a great charger. It doesn’t necessarily have the most features out there, but it’s beautifully-designed and should easily blend into the rest of your home, thanks largely to the fabric covering. Generally, it just looks friendly — and should look great on any table, nightstand, or kitchen counter. The charger even has a silicone ring on the top of it to ensure that your phone stays firmly on the charger without slipping off.

The best iPhone case

5. Speck’s cases

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The Best iPhone accessories to purchase in 2021 17
  • Speck’s cases are well-designed.
  • available in a range of colors and designs.
  • ultra durable — ensuring that your phone survives the majority of drops that it might go through
Pros: Classy designs, lots of colors and styles, very protective
Cons: None

If you want a solid, reliable iPhone case that will keep your iPhone safe and sound no matter what model you have, then it’s worth checking out Speck’s lineup of phone cases. Speck offers a range of case models for all different iPhone devices, with a huge range of different colors, thicknesses, and more.

The best iPhone wireless headphones

6. Sony’s WH-1000XM4

apple iphone
The Best iPhone accessories to purchase in 2021 18
Pros: First-rate noise canceling, improved call quality, great battery life, amazing sound quality
Cons: Expensive, out-of-the-box sound needs to be tweaked using the app

The Sony WH-1000XM4 is one of the best pairs of noise-canceling headphones on the market today. They retain all the features of the highly rated previous model, while cutting the amount of ambient noise that leaks in during phone calls. These rival, and in some ways even surpass, the Bose 700, and are priced hundreds of dollars less than Apple’s newly released Airpods Max.

The best iPhone fast-charging accessories

7. Apple’s first-party accessories fast charger

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The Best iPhone accessories to purchase in 2021 19
  • If you want fast charging on your iPhone.
  • it’s worth buying Apple’s first-party accessories, thanks to their nice design and reliability.
Pros: Well-designed, work well with Apple products
Cons: Expensive

Along with wireless charging, newer iPhones also support fast charging — meaning you can plug your iPhone into its charger, and get hours of juice in only 30 minutes or so. Recent iPhone models can fast-charge at up to 18W, and Apple says that using fast charging you could get up to 50% of the battery back in 30 minutes. Any iPhone model that’s an iPhone 8 or newer supports fast-charging.

The best iPhone dock

8. HiRise 2 Deluxe

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The Best iPhone accessories to purchase in 2021 20
  • The Twelve South HiRise 2 Deluxe is a simple.
  • Effective, stand that holds your iPhone upright while it charges so that your speakers.
  • Home button, if you have one – aren’t blocked.
Pros: Simple design, affordable, comes in a few colors, doesn’t block your speakers
Cons: You may need to remove your case

The Twelve South HiRise 2 Deluxe charging dock is a simple, no-frills iPhone accessory that offers a solid perch for your iPhone without blocking access to the bottom of your phone. This means that you can easily swipe up, use the home button – or if your phone is old enough – plug your headphones into the jack.

The speakers are also unencumbered, so TikTok and YouTube videos will sound great while you’re charging. Additionally, the dock is sturdy and well weighted so it won’t tip over.

The best iPhone screen protector

9. MaxBoost screen protector

apple iPhone accessories
The Best iPhone accessories to purchase in 2021 21
  • The MaxBoost Tempered Glass screen protector is easy to install and extremely strong.
  • Its thin design ensures your device is still responsive to touch
Pros: Strong, easy to install, relatively thin, inexpensive
Cons: None at this price

Are you prone to iPhone drops? Screen protectors are a smart way to ensure that your phone’s screen never cracks — and the best out there is the MaxBoost Premium Tempered Glass screen protector. The protector is available in a range of sizes and for a range of models — so no matter what iPhone model you have, you should find something for your needs..

The best iPhone battery pack

10. Elecjet PowerPie

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The Best iPhone accessories to purchase in 2021 22
Pros: High capacity, affordable, versatile, supports fast charging
Cons: Cannot fast charge Huawei or OnePlus phones

The Elecjet PowerPie is a useful companion to any device that needs a charge on the go. Its 20,000 mAh capacity is enough to charge an iPhone many times over, and it can also comfortably power up tablets and even a laptop in a pinch.

The best iPhone cleaning kit

11. Whoosh! Screen Cleaning Kit

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The Best iPhone accessories to purchase in 2021 23
  • The Whoosh! Screen Cleaning Kit is easy to use.
  • It comes with a range of accessories for keeping your device clean.
  • It also nclude three microfiber cloths
Pros: Inexpensive, comes with everything you’ll need, kills most bacteria
Cons: Mainly focused on screens

If you’re looking to keep your phone nice and clean, then the Whoosh! Screen Cleaner Kit is the way to go. This kit comes with everything you’ll need to ensure that your device is dirt-free, including three premium cloths and two bottles.

While the kit is built mostly for cleaning screens, you can use it to clean other parts of your device too — as long as you’re careful not to spray the substance into your device’s ports. And, it works with a range of devices, too — Whoosh! says you can use it with iPhones, iPads, Kindles, and more.

12 Apple care+

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The Best iPhone accessories to purchase in 2021 24

Apple’s AppleCare+ protection program is a worthy investment for your iPhone. Depending on what model phone you get and if you want theft or loss covered, it costs between $129 and $299 to enroll in the extended warranty program. You get 2 years of additional coverage for manufacturing defects or battery life issues, plus two incidents of accidental damage coverage.

It costs $29 to replace a broken screen, or $99 for other damage. Outside of the warranty program, customers have to pay $279 for a replacement iPhone Xs or 11 Pro screen or $199 for an iPhone 11 or XR screen.

We think AppleCare+ is worth the additional cost to protect your investment.

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