Sugar Daddy: Now you can’t search your Daddy on Google.

Ohh!! Now sugar daddy will not get any space in the play store. Google Play Store is banning ‘Sugar Dating’ apps from its marketplace starting September 1. The ban was announced through a handful of changes that the search giant published on its support page. It will be part of new restrictions on sexual content.

Sugar Daddy: Now you can't search your Daddy on Google.

Alongside, the Google Play store is also previewing app set IDs, adding new Family Policy requirements, and improving its Enforcement policy. All these policies, among others like Device and Network Abuse policy, permissions policy, and more, will become effective September 1.

Google ban Sugar Daddy from PlayStore.

“Sugar dating” apps will not be allowed on the Android Play Store from September 1st, Google has announced as part of a series of policy changes for the platform. The change, which Android Police first reported, specifically prohibits apps relating to “compensated sexual relationships.” Other changes coming to the platform include a new crackdown on inactive developer accounts, Google says.

Traditionally, sugar dating relationships involve older, wealthier individuals dating and showering younger partners with gifts. There’s no shortage of apps on the Play Store designed around setting up “sugar daddy” relationships, as Android Police notes. None of them explicitly say that older men are expected to compensate younger women for their affection, but many emphasize the wealth of the men in their services.

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Top 10 Free & Best Dating Apps To Find Your Perfect DateSugar Daddy: Now you can't search your Daddy on Google.

Google’s Play Store policies already prohibit apps that promote “services that may be interpreted as providing sexual acts in exchange for compensation.” But the updated wording expands this definition to explicitly include “compensated dating or sexual arrangements where one participant is expected or implied to provide money, gifts or financial support to another participant (‘sugar dating’).”

Google’s announcement doesn’t explicitly say why the apps are being banned now. But it comes amidst a crackdown on online sex work by platforms following the introduction of the FOSTA-SESTA legislation in the US in 2018, which removes Section 230 protections for content that “promotes or facilitates prostitution.” A representative from Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Google will ban “sugar daddy” apps from Play Store - Aroged

Sexual activities in exchange for money can (and mostly always does) toe a fine line in terms of how legal they are, and for the most part, remain illegal in various sections of the world. Perhaps, because of this, Google has moved to pursue a ban on such apps. The other reason may be to prevent any apps that may concern or indirectly cause abuse of individuals. Most ‘sugar dating’ apps are often shrouded in secrecy, which may lead to individuals not pursuing open legal recourse if a ‘date’ does not go down well.

The Bottom Line

Several of these apps are available on the Play Store, many of them with the words “Sugar Daddy” in their names. Some have over one million downloads, and most have user ratings of four stars or higher.

“Are you looking for a generous sugar daddy seeking arrangements? Do you want a beautiful and young sugar baby to increase the fun of life? Whether you are seeking serious sugar daddy relationships or casual hookup dating, you can make full use of the online secret arrangement dating app and find both of them easily and safely,” reads one of the app’s descriptions.

Sadly for those who use these apps, they will be removed from the store on September 1, leaving users the option of a website or sideloading, the latter of which can come with security risks.

Elsewhere, Google is updating its Financial Services policy. As of September 15, that will clarify the definition of the total cost of a loan, and all personal loan apps must be properly tagged under the Finance category. Additionally, on September 29, Google will prohibit spam text and graphics in-app titles, icons, and developer names.

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Sugar Daddy: Now you can't search your Daddy on Google. 5

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