Sony’s PlayStation Announced New Partnership with Discord

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced a partnership with Discord. That will presumably lead to some level of official integration between the popular messaging service and PlayStation Network.

SIE President and CEO Jim Ryan confirmed the collaboration in a blog post today, By and large, which noted that Sony’s teams are currently hard at bringing Discord and PlayStation together to enable easier communication for console and mobile gamers starting early next year.

Above all, Sony Interactive Entertainment has made a minority investment in Discord’s Series H round to cement the partnership.

Sony’s PlayStation Announcement

A few weeks ago, a buzzing report stated that Microsoft was conducting $10 billion acquisition talks with Discord. However, the situation suddenly came close, with Discord reportedly ending all acquisition talks with outside parties.

In a word, Today, a surprise announcement from Sony President and CEO Jim Ryan reveals that Discord has indeed forged a partnership. Beginning early next year, this will integrate discord’s widely-used communication services into the PlayStation social experience.

Sony announces new PlayStation partnership with Discord

Above all, In a post published on the Sony Interactive Entertainment website. Ryan dove into the importance of the new agreement with Discord and how both companies share similar socially-focused philosophies: 

At PlayStation, we’re constantly looking for new ways to enable players worldwide to connect, form new friendships and communities, and share fun experiences and lasting memories. It’s in this spirit that we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Discord, the communication service popularized by gamers and used by more than 140 million people every month around the world…From our very first conversation with co-founders Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy, I was inspired by their lifelong love for gaming and our teams’ shared passion for helping bring friends and communities together in new ways. Empowering players to create communities and enjoy shared gaming experiences is at the heart of what we do, so we are beyond excited to start this journey with one of the world’s most popular communication services.

Sony’s PlayStation comment on discord

Ryan also stated that Discord would be coming to PlayStation consoles as well as the mobile app. It will come at some point early next year. That means that you’ll be able to communicate with friends more easily than ever before.

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Furthermore, Ryan announced that Sony has made a minority investment into Discord’s Series H round. The move further demonstrates the company’s financial stake in Discord’s future.

Sony to bring online chat app Discord to PlayStation

The Bottom Line

As noted above, the new partnership between PlayStation and Discord is set to begin early next year. As for the PlayStation consoles themselves, the PlayStation 5 is now available, with the version containing a disc drive running $499, while the all-digital console costs $399. Suppose you can find either of them in stock. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the PlayStation 5 right here.

In conclusion, what do you think about the new partnership between PlayStation and Discord? Do you already use the service, or will you start when it becomes integrated with PlayStation Network? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to reach out and hit me up directly over on Twitter at @9to5game to talk about all things gaming.

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