Smartphone users are more loyal with iPhone: Survey reveals.

One survey reveals an alarming situation to android phone makers as their users are now less loyal to Android. And they are choosing Apple iPhone over Android. This survey is done by SellCell earlier in March 2021.

They contacted over 5000 Smartphone users for this survey. They found iPhone users are genuinely loyal to the brand and don’t want to switch.
Last year Apple’s brand loyalty grown to 92% from 90%. Besides this, Samsung has seen a downward trend in brand loyalty from 85.7% to 74% in 2019. It means only 8% of iPhone users want to switch brand while changing their phone. And 26% of android users want to exchange their brand when getting a new phone.

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Survey says Samsung is not the only brand that is loosing brand loyalty all major Android phone makers facing the same issue. Privacy is a significant concern for android users, and privacy is a plus point for iPhone users at the same time.

In this survey, 46% of people laud iPhone12 as the best smartphone. While 30% thinks Samsung Galaxy S21 is the best choice in the smartphone range.

When iPhone users asked to explain the reasons behind not switching brand, 45% of users said they love the Apple brand, 24% said they don’t want to use other OS, and 16% said they didn’t have a reason to use another brand. Modern technologies and the design of other brands are the main reasons behind the will to change brand among android users.

While choosing their favourite smartphone, iPhone 12 was the first choice of 17%. 12.7% of people said iPhone 12 Pro Max is best their choice. The Galaxy S21 secured third place as 11.4% of people like it. 10.6% of people think the iPhone 12 Pro is the best smartphone for them. In fifth place, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra came with 10%.

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Smartphone users are more loyal with iPhone: Survey reveals. 2

About survey with smartphone users

Between March 3 and March 10, 2021, SellCell executed this online survey in the USA. More than 5,000 smartphone users were participants in this. The people aged 18 and more were allowed to participate. Among these people, there were 2,000 iPhone users. On the other hand, over 2,000 Samsung users were in the survey. Over 400 Google Pixel users and 600 other phone users were in this survey.


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