See Stunning 4K Footage of Mars From Nasa’s Perseverance Rover

We already covered the landing of the Perseverance Rover. It seems like that the rover is finally in its element. We are beginning to receive some of the most stunning 4K footage of Mars. The rover has also sent some stunning HD images of the red planet.

See 4K Footage of Mars By Perseverance Rover

The Mars 2020 Perseverance rover landed on Mars’ Jezero Crater less than two weeks ago. It has already sent some stunning 4K footage and pictures of Mars that will be forever noted in history.

The cameras on the rover and the descent module that carried the rover also sent some really fascinating footage of the landing of the rover on Mars’s surface. Now that the rover has landed, it has began the real task of exploring the Martian surface.

4K Footage of Mars By Perseverance Rover

Irish filmmaker Sean Doran has taken some of the photos taken by the Perseverance Rover from the Jezero Crater. He stitched them to make a short film called This is Mars. It is 30 minutes of Mars in 4K and you will love it.

Process of Making the Video

Doran took a series of photos from Perseverance’s Mastcam-Z. It is the rover’s mast-mounted camera system. The photos were from the fifth day on Mars. He polished the images, stitched them, and added some music. Now we have one of the most stunning 4K footage of Mars for cosmology geeks. Doran writes on YouTube that the images were “denoised, repaired, graded and upscaled for this film.”

The footage shows panoramic shots that look a lot like some volcanic and desert landscapes from earth. You can access the raw image data that is publicly available via NASA’s feed. The Perseverance rover has already sent thousands of images from Mars.   

This is just the beginning and it will be more interesting to see such films when the Perseverance rover will go and explore the other areas of Mars.

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