Nvidia accidentally enabled RTX 3060 Ethereum mining.

They made A unique system to make the RTX 3060 undesirable for crypto miners. But it’s a surprise to know that the company unlocked these restrictions in their new driver. Nvidia is saying its mistake. 

The company put the hash rate limiter in RTX 3060 for security, but the driver got internal developer code by mistake, and as a result, those security features got disabled. 

Now the big question is how to manage the blunder that happened. Now the company changed the driver, but its mirror files are available all over the internet. Many people are already using it. The company cannot stop them by using a driver. This driver can boost hashing rates for Ethereum mining. And it’s now a big issue for Nvidia to control this.

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To keep crypto miners away from buying the cards, Nvidia prohibited RTX 3060 mining performance in an attempt. The company was fully confident that these restrictions can not be removed and has tight security.

Last month Nvidia’s head of communications said it’s not just a driver thing. They claimed the driver, the RTX 3060 silicon, and the BIOS (firmware) works together to lock the hash rate limiter, and it’s impossible to remove it. And this setting and driver was making good performance. This feature had great potential to enhance security.

The company made a big mistake by throwing out the unlocked version of the driver on the internet. We need to take a close look at actions. 

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RTX 3060
Nvidia accidentally enabled RTX 3060 Ethereum mining. 2

We were not expecting such a big mistake can happen in an Nvidia-like company. Such security blows can turn into a big issue and can harm a company.s business. The company must find a way to block the installation of that old driver soon to prevent its use. Hash rate limiter will not work anymore as that driver can remove the limiter.


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