Pokemon Live-Action TV Series Will come Now on Netflix.

Pokemon Live-Action TV Series will come on Netflix. Pokemon Live-Action Series in Early Development at Netflix From ‘Lucifer’s Joe Henderson.

Pokemon Live-Action TV Series Will come Now on Netflix

Sources also say that the project would be a live-action series akin to the “Detective Pikachu” film starring Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith in 2019.

Pokemon Live-Action TV Series On Netflix.

A new Pokemon series is in early development at Netflix; variety has learned exclusively from sources.

As the project is still in its early days, no details are available about the plot. However, sources say that Joe Henderson is attached to write and executive produce. Henderson currently serves as co-showrunner and executive producer on the popular Netflix series “Lucifer,” preparing to air its sixth and final season at the streamer.

The Japanese franchise, created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995, is centered on fictional creatures called “Pokémon.” In Pokémon, humans, known as Pokémon Trainers, catch and train Pokémon to battle other Pokémon for sport.

Pokemon Live-Action TV Series Will come Now on Netflix

A live-action Pokémon series would be a natural follow for Netflix, which currently has several Pokemon shows on the streaming service, such as Pokémon: Indigo League and Pokémon Journeys, among others. In addition, Pokémon is considered the most successful video game adaptation of all time, with over 1000 episodes broadcast and adapted for international television markets, concurrently airing in 169 countries worldwide.

In addition, the franchise inspired the first-ever live-action Pokémon movie, 2019’s Detective Pikachu, starring Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith. The film was a box office success, grossing over $430 million worldwide.

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In addition to his work on “Lucifer,” Henderson is currently developing a series adaptation of the comic book “Shadecraft” on Netflix, which was announced in March. Henderson penned the comic, working alongside artist Lee Garbett. Henderson is co-writing the pilot of that project with Georgia Lee, with both also executive producing. Garbett will produce.

Henderson is also known for his work on shows such as “11.22.63” at Hulu and “Graceland” and “White Collar” at USA Network. The Cartel reps him.

Lucifer's Joe Henderson set to work on Live-Action Pokémon TV series for  Netflix - Xfire

The move to develop an original Netflix Pokemon series comes as the streamer has made itself the home to multiple existing Pokemon shows, including “Pokemon: Indigo League” and “Pokemon Journeys.” Netflix has also been making a strong push into anime in recent years, having previously announced original series based on “Far Cry,” “Splinter Cell,” and “Terminator.” Netflix has been moving into more live-action adaptations of anime titles, including the upcoming “Cowboy Bebop” and “One Piece” live-action shows. The streamer previously released a live-action “Death Note” film in 2017

The Pokemon franchise as a whole has become a worldwide phenomenon since first launching in 1995. The franchise now encompasses multiple television shows, films, video games, the trading card game, books, manga comics, and much more. On the live-action front, “Detective Pikachu” proved to be a box office success upon its release. The film grossed over $430 million worldwide on a reported budget of $150 million.

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The Bottom Line

Love Pokemon? A live-action Pokemon series is in the works at Netflix. 

Based on the popular trading cards and video games, the series is currently in early development at the streaming channel. 

Incidentally, Netflix is home to several episodes of the Pokemon anime series. 

Netflix is reportedly developing a live-action Pokémon series - The Verge

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Before this TV series announcement, a film titled ‘Detective Pikachu’ was released in 2019. The film starred Ryan Reynolds and grossed $433 million worldwide. 

The next question on the minds of Pokemon fans everywhere is what direction the new series will take. Will this exist in the world of Detective Pikachu? Or will the series follow a similar format to the animated titles, focusing on Ash Ketchum and his quest to become a Pokemon Master? With all of the different shows and games already in existence, there is no telling where this project will go once it starts production.

At least for now, all that matters is that we’re getting more Pokemon in the future. But, of course, that’s not going to be awesome news.

Are you excited about a live-action Pokemon project? What story do you think the new Netflix series will follow? Let us know in the comments!

Pokemon - Live-Action TV Series in Early Development at Netflix

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