Pokemon Go: An Unbelibale pro player of the world | New record

Pokemon Go player
Pokemon Go: An Unbelibale pro player of the world | New record 4

A Pokemon Go, The player caught a staggering 11,400 Pokémon in 24 hours during yesterday’s Community Day event. The player, who calls himself “tarotirota” in the game and on social media, shared his Twitter achievement.

The tarotirota Tweet, you can found embedded below.

According to his Tweet, the hardest part of it was managing the number of Poke Balls needed. After all, players only have a certain amount of item storage capacity during the journey. So keeping the required number of balls on hand would require a lot of management. Apparently, he started with 2900 Poke Balls and traveled 130km by bike during the festivities (probably traveling to spin Poke Stops). It looks like he got a good workout.

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Dedication is everything

If it were up to me, I cannot walk a single mile for a life of mine or even catch 50 Pokemon in a whole day. But, here are Pokemon GO players to prove to us that everything is possible.

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Pokemon Go: An Unbelibale pro player of the world | New record 5

Pokemon GO players are known as the ones that strive to break Pokemon GO records all of the time. This example brilliantly shows how dedicated the players can be.

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A few hours ago, a post on Reddit popped up and it informed us that a Japanese player, well known to all of us, has successfully caught 11,400 Pokemon in one day i.e 24 hours.

If we do the math, that is 8 Pokemon per minute, and according to the pictures, he walked approximately 80 miles. In those 11,400 Pokemon, tarotirota0106 (the Japanese player) tweeted that he caught 139 Shiny Pokemon too.

Simply very hard to do this

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Pokemon Go: An Unbelibale pro player of the world | New record 6

While managing the Poke Ball was apparently the hardest part of the task, the feat must have required much Pokemon management. Players only have so much storage capacity in the game, requiring excess Pokémon to be transferred to Professor Willow or the Pokemon Home app (and the last option only allows a set amount of free transfers each day). However, there was a reward for his efforts; the player managed to obtain 139 Shiny Pokémon during the event, including several Fletchling, a Snubbull, and a female Nidoran.

The bottom Line

Given the effort required to accomplish this task, it seems unlikely that another Pokemon Go player will exceed the tarotirota number in the short term. After all, getting 11,400 Pokémon in 24 hours would require catching just under 8 Pokémon per minute. That’s not easy considering how stubborn Pokémon can be in the game. Some may require quite a few balls thrown before capture and may flee after a lot of effort. However, it seems that tarotirota was more than up to the task.

Are you impressed by the tarotirota one? Pokemon Go achievement? Do you think you could come close to that kind of feat? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @9to5game to talk about everything related to games.

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