No room for Parler in Apple app store

As per Apple’s policy to control right-leaning social networks, they denied access when social media app Parler asked for it. This application is trying to come online after being shut for a few weeks.

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No room for Parler in Apple app store 2

Apple says any person or business promoting anonymity without any censorship will not access the apple store as Apple doesn’t want to offer such apps on their app store for its customers.

Why apple imposed a ban on Parler?

On Jan. 6, the U.S. Capital has seen several attacks, and Apple found many posts on Parler supporting this act. Apple thought social media could use this network for harming the country’s interest. So they decided to restrict this app from the Apple app store. Following Apple’s move, Amazon took action against Parler by blocking its hosting facility. After this, Parler went into darkness for a few weeks.

What companies have to say?

Both companies denied answering any questions regarding this decision. Media house Bloomberg stated that Apple sent Parler a letter to notify that Apple can not accept Parler’s privacy policies. Those policies are not eligible to get featured on the Apple app store. 

Background of issue

Parler is in the market since 2018. They are a social media platform that offers more freedom to users. But this freedom leads towards issues many times. Facebook and Twitter stopped misinformation campaigns on their platforms about elections. Then many Republican politicians started using the Parler app to keep going on those campaigns.

Parler was failed to control such posts due to their week policies, and thus as a result, the U.S. capital saw attacks. After this attack, social platforms and related companies started the debate, and all found Parler is allowing such posts. After this, they faced bans from apple store and hosting facilities.

What Parler did next?

In February, Parler re-launched its app. Now the company is claiming new and stricter rules about content moderation. Last month Parler’s interim CEO, Mark Meckler, stated on a news channel that he is so optimistic about getting back on the app store. But Apple denied their request to grant access.

Who is behind the scene?

Rebekah Mercer is a controlling investor at Parler, and she is also one of the most prominent Republican mega-donors. According to sources, she forced out former CEO John Matze. After this, She appointed allies as designated chairpersons on board. It’s obvious now that she has indirect control over all the activities of the company.

What do we think?

We think the company will not face backlash on Android as apps can be installed via a browser on android phones, but this is not possible on MAC. So the company has to please Apple with stricter policies regarding moderation. In the USA, Apple has a large userbase. If Parler wants to survive there, they need to be on the apple app store.

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