Nintendo Switch: World’s new biggest Switch is out there.

YouTuber creates the world’s largest functional Nintendo Switch. The massive Switch is 650 percent bigger than the actual console.

Nintendo Switch: World's new biggest Switch
Nintendo Switch: World's new biggest Switch is out there. 4

The world’s largest Nintendo Switch features a 4K TV screen with 3D-printed buttons and a regular-sized Switch embedded inside. A smaller Joy-Con controller is attached inside that reads the presses on the big 3D-printed buttons and sends it to the actual Switch hardware embedded inside.

Nintendo Switch: World's new biggest Switch
Nintendo Switch: World's new biggest Switch is out there. 5

“I really like the Nintendo Switch. It’s small, it’s portable — but it’s really easy to lose. And for me, that was a problem. So, I decided to fix that by making something that was just a little bit larger,” said Pick in the YouTube video. Yeah right, Pick, ‘just a little bit larger.’

Massive Nintendo Switch is for you

The Nintendo Switch is quite an impressive portable machine. Also, Nintendo is supposedly on its way to making a slightly bigger and better one. But while we wait for details on the future of Nintendo consoles.

There’s at least one engineer out there crafting their own bigger, better Switch – the biggest, in fact. Engineer Michael Pick built the world’s largest Nintendo Switch. It complete with fully working controls and a 4K display. Above all, it’s going to a good home at a children’s hospital.

The Bottom Line

Pick took the opportunity to donate his creation to a St. Jude Children’s Hospital, which is just a great place to see an impressive project like this go. Rumor has been rampant about a new Nintendo Switch which might utilize a DLSS-compatible chip and feature a larger handheld design.

Still, Pick’s version goes altogether over the top in both aspects as we get to see him win a race of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and claim a #1 Victory Royale in Fortnite.

Big Switch 0f0e 9to5game
Nintendo Switch: World's new biggest Switch is out there. 6

This beast of a recreated Nintendo Switch gets to head towards a good cause is just a nice little cherry on top.

Fortunately, those kids can probably get away using a Switch Pro Controller to play if they want instead of the machine’s enormous buttons.

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