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The highly anticipated Nintendo Switch Pro might be arriving sooner than we thought.

Nintendo Switch Pro specs, release date, rumours and features game in hand
Nintendo Switch Pro will out this week | New Fuzz 5

Pre-orders for the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro will go live later this week, on June 4. By and large, according to CentroLeaks, a Twitter account dedicated to gaming-related leaks. This is based on the Twitter account’s ability to verify a screenshot from a “big retailer’s internal system,” which supposedly indicates the next console’s scheduled pre-order date of Friday, June 4.

Nintendo Switch Pro is on the red carpet.

As a matter of fact, Nintendo Switch 2 or Switch Pro was rumored in early 2019. When The Wall Street Journal spoke to “parts suppliers and software developers” in March of that year. They claimed that an enhanced version of the Switch is coming out. That aimed at the more dedicated, hardcore gamer was in development and could come out late 2019/early 2020.

A New Nintendo Switch Pro listing has been spotted on Amazon hand

This isn’t the first time there’s been talk of the Nintendo Switch Pro from a retailer. Earlier this week, Amazon Mexico accidentally put up a listing for the Nintendo Switch Pro. The retailer swiftly deleted the listing shortly after it was first put in the light. However, not before many eagle-eyed internet explorers noted its appearance on the site.

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That’s not the only information circling about Nintendo’s new console over the last week. Recently, a Spanish news outlet claimed that the revised console model would have a far bigger screen than what we’re currently used to with the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, it’ll have an improved stand with an ethernet port for quicker download speeds.

Nintendo Switch Pro: New details reveal new premium feature of rumoured  console

Obviously, it goes without saying that Nintendo has never confirmed all this information. We should take it with a pinch of salt until the Japanese company unveils the gadget. However, if the recent reports and leaks are true, we might not have long to wait at all before we finally see the newly-revised consol.

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Nick Baker claims that the Nintendo Switch Pro could announce on Thursday but caveated his prediction by saying that the date could be pushed back – as it has been in the past.

The bottom Line

The Nintendo Switch Pro will serve as a mid-gen refresh of the existing Switch hardware and supposedly have a 720p OLED screen. It will be capable of outputting at 4K resolution when connected to a TV. Also, It could even use Nvidia’s DLSS tech to help it reach its new resolution target. 

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It’s rumored that the Nintendo Switch Pro will come with a higher price point than the original Switch. That will cost $299 / £279 / AU$469.95 and replace the current model, which will be phased out over time. The Nintendo Switch Lite will serve as more of an entry-level system or for those who strictly want a handheld device.

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