New Xbox Series S Kickstarter Project is on fire.

New Xbox Series S Kickstarter Project Turns Console Into a Laptop.

New Xbox Series S Kickstarter Project Turns Console Into a Laptop - Opera  News

A start-up company called UPspec Gaming has created an Xbox Series S attachment meant to convert the console into a laptop-like device so that people can play games without needing a proper monitor or TV. The accessory-selling startup calls the device the “xScreen” and puts it on Kickstarter in hopes of generating enough interest to fund the goal. Instead, the goal was exceeded with nearly three times the desired amount raised so far.

It may not be a Nintendo Switch, but the xScreen turns the relatively light Xbox Series S into a portable console with endless access to titles on Game Pass. The Kickstarter was completed in just twenty minutes.

No need for a laptop, Xbox series S Kickstarter

A new way to play Xbox games on the go will launch this summer. It’s called xScreen, and it’s a portable screen that you can attach to the Xbox Series S. The screen will launch on Kickstarter this summer. You can sign up on the official xScreen website to register your interest.

The xScreen Can Turn the Xbox Series S Into a Portable Device | Beebom

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xScreen has an 11.6-inch 1080p IPS display with a refresh rate of 60Hz. The display can close to lay flush against the Xbox Series S, somewhat like a laptop. According to UPspec, the company behind xScreen, you won’t need any additional cables to attach the xScreen to your console, but that statement does not refer to the power cable. The xScreen does require a power cable and does not have a battery.

The xScreen only weighs 695 g, which sounds light until you realize that figure only includes the xScreen itself. The Xbox Series S weighs 1.93 kg (4.25 lbs). That means in total, the xScreen with an Xbox Series S weighs 2.63 kg (5.79 lbs). That’s heavier than the best gaming laptops, but you could probably carry it in a backpack.

As xScreen is a Kickstarter project, it should be taken with a grain of salt. It would help if you did your own research before investing in any Kickstarter project, as final products may vary from what you see in promotional material.

New Xbox Series S Kickstarter Project Turns Console Into a Laptop - News  Break

The xScreen has an early bird discount at the moment. The full retail price of the xScreen is $249.

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If you’d like to game on the go and have a good mobile internet connection, you may prefer to try Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The subscription allows you to play games on your Xbox console, mobile phone, and PC.

The screen also uses pass-through. This means that the power cable and memory expansion of the Series S can be plugged in directly. UPspec also clarifies that the screen does not require its own energy source and that no adjustments are required on the console. The color also matches the finish of the Series S case.

xScreen: this project promises to make the Xbox Series S fully portable -  HiTech Wiki

The Bottom Line

Given the shape, the screen can easily be folded onto the console, just like a laptop. According to UPspec, the Series S with the xScreen fits in a 15-inch laptop bag.

The Kickstarter for the device went online yesterday at 4:00 PM, and within twenty minutes, the goal was achieved after the project went live. If you are interested in backing the project, you can do so until August 6.

The games we enjoy the most have always been on traditional full-power consoles with wired connections to a TV. Unfortunately a TV isn’t always readily available so as a result there are many situations where we have had to compromise:

For about €164, you are the lucky owner of an xScreen display for the Xbox Series S. Keep in mind that the forecast for delivery is January 2022.

The Xbox Series X is basically a PC - The Verge

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