New Twisted Metal for PS5 Reportedly Early in Development

New Twisted Metal for PS5 is in development. Some franchises stick in gamers’ heads long after they end. These franchises may not have had a new entry for years, but gamers still call out for a sequel, remake or remaster, hoping to get a chance to enjoy the franchise again.

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And no game series better fits this category than Twisted metalHowever, fans may soon get their wish as a new game might be in development.

New Twisted Metal for PS5

A new Twisted Metal game is reportedly in development at PlayStation, and it will apparently coincide with the upcoming TV series Sony is developing. This isn’t the first rumor of a new entry in the violent destruction derby series. Still, the latest information potentially offers more clarity on Sony’s plans for the Twisted Metal franchise.

The series was created by ex-Sony Santa Monica developer David Jaffe, credited for creating God of War. Twisted Metal largely thrived on PS1 and PS2, but it went dormant after a PS3 reboot in 2012, generally receiving positive reviews.

Sony has always seemed to retain they released some interest in fleshing out the series, as a film was in development around the PS3 entry. That said, much never came of that project, and the series was absent from the PS4’s library. Earlier this summer, a leaker teased Twisted Metal is coming in 2023, but it offered no further details at the time. Now, reputable sources are corroborating this rumor ahead of the PlayStation Showcase.

New Twisted Metal for PS5 Reportedly Early in Development

Sony Interactive Entertainment is reportedly looking to revive the Twisted Metal series with a new entry to coincide with the upcoming TV adaptation. According to VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb in the latest Giant Bomb video show and VideoGamesChronicle, who has heard the same thing from its own sources.

“I think Twisted Metal is in the works, but it may still be a ways off, so I think we’re early,” said Grubb. “That speaks to a larger strategy shift from Sony – well, it’s not even a shift, it’s a ‘broadening’ of their strategy.

“If they have Twisted Metal ready to show [at Thursday’s Showcase], they might. But either way, it does seem like it’s in the works, it does seem that it’s coming, and it does seem like it does not involve David Jaffe.”

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It announced the Twisted Metal TV show in May 2019, and Grubb said Sony greenlighted the new game to coincide with the upcoming TV show.

Both VGC and Jeff Grub, via his Giant Bombshow GrubbSnax (paywall), report that a new Twisted Metal is in early development to coincide with the new TV show. Grubb noted it’s probably too early to show, but the game is being developed as part of a larger strategy for Sony to broaden how it approaches PlayStation IP.

There’s reportedly an internal effort to greenlight and release games alongside TV shows and films developed for their respective properties. However, Grubb also noted that it doesn’t seem like creator David Jaffe is returning to work on the game.

The Bottom Line

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At present, Sony has not confirmed a release date or even where the Twisted Metal TV series will air. However, Sony is currently working with HBO on a series adaptation of The Last of Us, which is expected to release sometime next year or 2023.

Based on Grubb’s comments, it can assume that the alleged remake of The Last of Us will likely be released alongside the HBO series to maximize some synergy for the property. Shows and films based on these properties will likely attract new fans, and it’s pretty smart of Sony to try and capitalize on that by also releasing new games to tie in with them.

The Twisted Metal series is still in early development, so it’s unclear if they will directly tie the game and show together. Instead, Sony may opt to give both projects the freedom to do as they please but still release them around the same time. As of right now, it seems like Sony will probably be keeping the new Twisted Metal under wraps until it’s further along.

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