New Battlefield Game EA to Be Revealed Next Week.

You’re getting a look at the EA new Battlefield game real soon. EA has posted on Twitter that the reveal is set to happen June 9 at 7 am PDT / 10 am EDT / 3 pm BST, which sets it among the cavalcade of reveals and announcements we’re getting at E3 this year.

New Battlefield game will arrive next by EA

News of a reveal has been coming for a while now. EA took to Twitter back in April to assure fans that an official reveal is coming “soon,” with the development team “in a daily playtesting mode right now: polishing, balancing, and making the best possible Battlefield game.” We also got some other snippets of information from Dice general manager Oskar Gabrielson in an accompanying blog post.

New Battlefield Game for you.

The next Battlefield game could be revealed in June according to a cheeky tweet from the game’s official Twitter account.

A new Battlefield game finally came later this year after the series took a brief hiatus from annual releases. While Battlefield games are typically released in the fall, a reveal next month could be in the cards.

“Words that rhyme with Soon: June Boom,” the Battlefield Twitter account posted. A likely indication that whatever the folks at EA DICE are working on, we could see it next month.

Read Battlefield all-new revel for you.

In 2019 EA announced that it wouldn’t release a Battlefield game in 2020, breaking the annual cycle for the series. While EA didn’t offer a reason, Battlefield 5 wasn’t the best-received game in the franchise, and it was understood that developer DICE was going back to the drawing board for the next Battlefield game.


More information on the new Battlefield game began coming out earlier this year, however. First, EA revealed that the next Battlefield game would take full advantage of the PS5 and Xbox Series X systems.

The Bottom Line

A new Battlefield game for a new generation of games console and hardware is an exciting prospect. Even if Battlefield 6 iterates upn the franchise’s existing formula, it should be worthy of attention. 

But long-term, we’re hoping. Dice brings a good bit to the table, with plenty of different modes and game elements for players old and new to explore. If Dice can pull this off, it could have a game that will be with us not only in the early days of the PS5 and Xbox Series but right through to their twilight years.

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