More Robocalls Than Humancalls in America in 2021

Living in America and facing more than 10 robocalls in a day? Don’t panic; it’s the new normal in America. Americans have received more than 51 billion robocalls in 2021. This is way more than what they received last year.

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More Robocalls Than Humancalls in America in 2021 3

In 2020, Americans received 45.9 billion robocalls. Whereas, in the year 2021, more than 51 billion robocalls have been received. The most number of robocalls (58.5 billion) were received in the year 2019. But it seems like 2021 is set to break all records in America’s history as it’s been only two months into 2021.

With the rise in pandemic in Feb 2020, there was a sudden decrease in the number of robocalls, but now as the situations are getting back to normal. Robocalls are also back to pre-pandemic levels. Americans have received more than 4.6 billion robocalls in February. That is 15% more compared to January, according to new data from YouMail.

YouMail CEO Alex Quilici told CNN Business, “Because February was a short month, I think the first two months are lower than we’ll see going forward, and we’re actually going to wind up much closer to 2019’s pre-pandemic levels overall.”

More Robocalls Than Humancalls in America in 2021
Report according to YouMail

YouMail also explained the reason behind such a significant drop during the last Spring. They held the shut down of international call centers during pandemic and government efforts to stop Covid-19-related scams as the major reason. YouMail also reported that the number of robocalls in April was the lowest in two years. That includes both legitimate and scam calls.

“Call centers are either closed or running at much lower capacity due to social distancing around the world,” YouMail told CNN Business.

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The latest report shows that scam and telemarketing calls accounted for about 60% of last month’s robocall volume. The leading illegal types of such calls include car warranties and health-related scams.

Source : CNN

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