Microsoft may be planning a costly cyber security upgrade

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Microsoft may be planning a costly cyber security upgrade 4

As rumors circulate about a potential big-name purchase, Microsoft’s cyber security efforts might be significantly expanded.

Mandiant, a security business that specializes in incident response and cyber threat intelligence, as well as malware and endpoint protection, is apparently being considered by the IT giant.

Mandiant was bought by FireEye in 2014; however, with the sale of the FireEye product division to McAfee Enterprise last year, the company was able to reclaim its independence.

Microsoft and Mandiant are two companies that work together

Microsoft may be planning a costly cyber security upgrade 5

Mandiant’s stock jumped over 18% when rumors of an acquisition surfaced, bringing the company’s market worth to roughly $4.3 billion. The firm had just released its Q4 2021 financial results, which revealed record billings and revenue for threat intelligence and consultancy.

Although there has been no official confirmation of any actual buyout negotiations between Microsoft and Mandiant, a purchase would help Microsoft to boost its cyber security ranks, especially as the company’s global client base continues to develop.

Microsoft bought a slew of security companies in 2021, including RiskIQ, CloudKnox Security, and ReFirm. The business also recently showed its financial strength by announcing the $70 billion acquisition of gaming behemoth Activision Blizzard.

Because of the vast number of dangers that consumers and organizations face today, Microsoft has long advocated for continually updating and enhancing its own security solutions.

Windows Defender, the company’s own in-house security service, was recently released as a preview version, which should give the next level of protection to those who are currently using or planning to use Windows 11.

Microsoft may be planning a costly cyber security upgrade 6

Microsoft Defender Preview provides information about security alarms that have emerged on various devices in addition to offering a basic security overview. Perhaps the most useful feature of the app is that it allows you to quickly assess the security of a device without having to have physical access to it.

Here are the top Windows 10 antiviruses programmed if you haven’t upgraded yet.

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