LG Rollable Phone Is Coming in 2021: The First new look here

LG has announced the world’s first rollable smartphone at the world’s largest consumer electronics show – CES 2021. The Rollable phone will feature – as LG calls it – a “unique resizable screen that turns the device into a small tablet. The screen essentially expands, giving the user a bigger area to work with.

As there were many rumors around a rollable phone going around, LG “wanted to show that it is a real product,” explained a company spokesperson. The product is very much a reality.

LG’s cutting-edge phone

Have you ever wished you could adjust the size of your smartphone’s screen? With the LG Rollable Phone’s resizable display, your wish is granted. This cutting-edge phone has a screen that extends from the phone into a display of small tablet size. This way, you can essentially have both a tablet and a smartphone in one device. This is great for watching videos and presentations. It’s also ideal if you need to use your phone for on-the-go work. So, if you want to revolutionize your smartphone use, this is the gadget for you. Plus, watching this phone furl and unfurl in landscape mode is pretty cool and will certainly turn heads. This concept phone should actually become available later in 2021, so stay tuned for more information.

LG at CES 2021

The new LG Rollable is a part of the company’s Explorer Project under which we also have the LG Wing with two displays that are superimposed on each other and work in bizarre ways. The LG Rollable is similar to the Oppo X 2021 that the company showed off last year at its INNO Day conferences. But there is a slightly different implementation between the two devices. Instead of expanding horizontally, the LG Rollable display expands vertically. And LG says there is more to explore with the LG Rollable device, but it did not say what. However, we have the use cases from Oppo’s presentation of its rollable display phone.

LG Rollable has transcended to become real. In a surprising move, LG confirmed that the LG Rollable is happening this year, giving momentum to the market for smartphones with rollable displays.

LG rollable phone design

LG Rollable Phone
LG Rollable Phone Is Coming in 2021: The First new look here 3

LG rollable smartphone with an extendable display on both the left and right sides. It’s also worth noting that retracting the displays results in a phone that offers something akin to a 16:9 screen rather than today’s 18:9, 20:9, and even 21:9 screen ratios.

LG itself teased the rollable phone at the end of its Wing launch event, showing what appears to be a screen retracting into and extending out of a smartphone. And you can view a screenshot of the device below.

LG Rollable Phone
LG Rollable Phone Is Coming in 2021: The First new look here 4

The bottom Line

According to early reports, the LG Rollable smartphone was to arrive sometime in March 2021 as the newest product to be part of LG’s Explorer Project. However, in late January of 2021 news surfaced that LG could be shutting down its smartphone business altogether, or at least shifting away from flagship smartphones, which makes the fate of the LG Rollable uncertain.
As for the name of the phone, we knew since November 2020 that LG had filed a trademark in the European Union for the names “LG Rollable” and “LG Slide”. On January 11, 2021.

That’s all we know so far about the LG rollable phone! We’ll be regularly updating this article as the latest rumors and tidbits emerge.

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