How to Modify Your iPhone Default Camera Settings

How to Modify Your iPhone Default Camera Settings 4
How to Modify Your iPhone Default Camera Settings 5

Have you ever used the camera app on your iPhone to snap a photo only to discover that all your preferred settings have been altered since you last used it? The opportunity has already passed by the time you choose the proper camera mode, zoom in, apply a filter, turn on the flash, and disable Live Photos.

Here’s how to adjust the default camera settings on the iPhone if you don’t want to fuss with your camera settings when you should be shooting the photo of a lifetime.

Preserve Settings

Go to Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings and activate Camera Mode to make the most recent mode the new default if you have a favorite camera mode, or lighting set, or wish to permanently delete Live Photos.

For any filters, aspect ratio, lighting, or depth settings you recently employed, turn on Creative Controls (referred to as Filters & Lighting on iPhone X and earlier models). To save exposure settings you might wish to maintain, enable Exposure Adjustment (only for iPhone 11 and higher).

How to Modify Your iPhone Default Camera Settings 6

Set New Defaults

It’s time to switch to your Camera app and configure your camera choices after your selections have been selected. You can zoom in or out, activate or disable Live Photos, switch on or off the flash, set a timer, apply filters, and more using the buttons at the top of the screen and, if you have an iPhone 11 or higher, the icons tucked away under extra settings behind the down arrow.

You may control Night Mode for low-light situations, modify the aspect ratio, and adjust the exposure for those who have an iPhone 11 or above. You may also choose a preset lighting setting and alter the depth of field if you want to make Portrait your normal mode.

Not a fan of live photos? Turn off Live Photo in the Camera app to make sure the setting is permanently off.

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