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How hackers steal user data using the Google Ads network

Hackers distributed malware through the Google advertising network to steal user data. Malvertising is a type of cyberattack, that is significant because it makes use of virtualization technology, which enables malware to avoid being detected by antivirus software. What is Malvertising? Malvertising, often known as “malicious advertising,” is a category of cyberattack in which hackers…

Shocking!!! As per Google, YouTube Shorts now receives 50 billion daily views

The short video battle is being fought by all social media giants, and Google is making some progress against TikTok and Instagram. During its most recent earnings call, the search engine giant said that YouTube Shorts had surpassed 50 billion daily views. The firm originally stated 30 billion daily views as part of its Q1…

Shutterstock Lets You Produce Your Own AI Images

The launch of Shutterstock, Inc.’s AI image-generating platform, which is available to all customers worldwide in every language the website supports, was announced today. Shutterstock is the world’s top creative platform for media companies and disruptive brands. Prompts are transformed by text-to-image technology into realistic, licensed images that are larger than life. It is the…

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