Harley Davidson EV Department Will Get A New Boss Soon; Will He Change The Game?

Harley Davidson have decided to play their role seriously in the electric vehicle segment as they appointed a separate chief officer for EV department. It will be interesting to see how he will lead the company’s electric vehicle department to produce some energy-efficient electric vehicle while keeping Harley Davidson’s charisma alive in design. 

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Who is the new boss of the Harley Davidson EV department?

Ryan Morrissey, one motorcycle manufacturer from the USA, is the first-ever chief electric vehicle officer (CEVO) of Harley Davidson. From April, he will take charge of his duty. He has long two decades of experience in developing business models and introducing new technologies.

Harley Davidson has been in search of a person who knows these two factors. And they found one perfect match to lead their electric vehicle department. 

Why is Ryan Morrissey the best person to lead EV department?

As per his career chart, he worked at Bain & Company. Ryan had been handling the role of senior partner and head of the automotive and mobility practice. He is a black horse in leading global OEMs. He has a handful of experience in power sports, heavy equipment, or automotive with developing digital channels.

Harley Davidson was eagerly waiting to get him as the leader who will develop E.V. product strategy and software-based service for them.

What is the Mission?

Harley Davidson has a master plan for their electric vehicle segment. The world will see them as a significant player in the segment in the next few years. H.D. will invest a massive amount of money and human resources in developing a whole new segment and R&D department for Harley Davidson electric vehicles.

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We all can feel changes in vehicle manufacturing companies as their market needs will be different in the next few years. Traditional petrol and diesel vehicles will be outdated as E.V. will replace them as a better option.

Why Harley Davidson needs a mastermind?

Harley Davidson impressed the U.S. market with their first E.V. motorcycle, the LiveWire. LiveWire shows the best performance in the market than any other E.V. People were surprised to feel Harley Davidson’s build quality and robust performance. But its heavy price was killing the desire of purchasing from the buyer’s mind.

The U.S. buyers were not so happy to see a $29,799 tag on this E.V. So Harley is expecting a new undercurrent in the E.V. department with the entry of Ryan Morrissey as head of the E.V. department. We have to see how Ryan Morrissey reduces cost while adding some more varients and models in the fleet. 

What do we think?

We are waiting eagerly to see some new models with an affordable price tag. We saw Harley Davidson’s magic in LiveWire. Believe us, that bike is equally powerful as Harley’s other bikes. You feel the power and swag of Harley while riding it. We hope now H.D. will introduce more and more E.V. in market. We can not deny the trust of people in Harley Davidson. Harley can take massive advantage of this trust to make a strong identity and presence even in the E.V. segment.

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