Games with Gold: Best free Xbox games of November 2022 are now available

Best free Xbox games
Games with Gold: Best free Xbox games of November 2022 are now available 18

Free games are absolutely loved by all. Every week, Epic Games offers several games for free. Each month, new games are added to Amazon’s Prime Gaming subscription service. We’re keeping track of the best free Xbox games offered in a given month in an effort to inform gamers about what’s available to claim. You’ll miss out on a PC game that you could have kept for life, though, if you’re not paying attention.

While some books are available for free without any strings attached, others are part of subscription services. This month, you can get everything listed below.

November 2022 PlayStation Plus game free

Best free Xbox games

PlayStation Plus is Sony’s online gaming and multiplayer subscription service. New plans were introduced at the beginning of 2022; access is available for as little as $9.99 per month, with prices varying depending on the tier you select. Every month, you can choose new games to keep as part of the service, and you can access them as long as your PlayStation Plus membership is active. PS5 owners who are subscribers can also keep games from a carefully chosen selection of titles.

By selecting the PlayStation Plus button on the PlayStation home screen or by visiting the PlayStation Network Store, you can download games from your console. As long as automatic downloads are enabled, games can also be added from the PlayStation Store website. When everything is set up, you can add games from the web store and have your console remotely download them.

Heavenly Bodies (Until Nov. 30)

Best free Xbox games

You manage the body of an astronaut in space in the puzzle game Heavenly Bodies, which is based on physics. To move the spaceman’s limbs and carry out various tasks, use the game’s controls.

Nioh 2 / Nioh 2 Remastered (Until Nov. 30)

Best free Xbox games

As you battle through supernatural adversaries and samurai warriors during Japan’s Sengoku period, you play as a half-human, half-Yokai warrior in the action role-playing game Nioh 2. The standard edition and the PS5 Remastered upgrade are both included in this giveaway.

Lego Harry Potter Collection (Until Nov. 30)

Best free Xbox games

The previous Years 1-4 and Years 5-7 are now combined in The Lego Harry Potter Collection. In this Lego recreation of the Harry Potter movies, you can cast spells, make potions, solve puzzles, attend lessons, and duel other players.

November 2022 Live Best Free Xbox Games

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The most expensive subscription tier of the Xbox Live online gaming service, Xbox Live Gold, costs $9.99 per month or $24.99 for three months. Additionally, it is part of the price of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Live Best Xbox games each month are just one of the many benefits you receive. You can only play claimed games if you have a current Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Go to the Gold section on your Xbox console or this page on a computer to queue up the game for download (if remote installs are enabled) in order to claim your free games with an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Every month, new games are added on the first and sixteenth.

Bomber Crew: Deluxe Edition (Until Nov. 15)

Best free Xbox games

In order to complete various missions in the strategic simulation game Bomber Crew, you must maintain your bomber plane. Your ability to raise a crew of bombers, control fuel and ammunition, repel enemies, and endure hazardous weather conditions will determine your level of success.

HD Remaster of Praetorians (Until Nov. 30)

Best free Xbox games

You can command the Roman Republic, the Ptolemaic Kingdom, or the barbarian tribes in the real-time strategy game Praetorians. Contrary to other games in the genre, you only need to build structures, recruit soldiers, and engage in combat.

Dead End Job (Nov. 16 – Dec. 15)

Best free Xbox games
Games with Gold: Best free Xbox games of November 2022 are now available 19

In the twin-stick shooter Dead End Job, your job is to bust up ghosts. With your vacuum on your back, suction up ghosts after shooting them with your plasma gun. For added variety, the game features procedurally generated levels and couch co-op.

Free games from the Epic Games Store for November 2022

Best free Xbox games
Games with Gold: Best free Xbox games of November 2022 are now available 20

Every week, Epic Games offers free games without a subscription. Go to the Epic Games Store website or launch the launcher, browse the list of free games, and click the “Free Now” button next to the game you want to download. After that, proceed as though you were buying the game. The game will show up in your library on the Epic Games launcher, and you won’t be charged.

Saturnalia (Until Nov. 3)

Best free Xbox games
Games with Gold: Best free Xbox games of November 2022 are now available 21

In addition to being a free day-one release on the Epic Games Store, Saturnalia is a fitting release because it’s an independent horror game. That doesn’t happen very often, so for any horror fans, it’s definitely worth picking up.

Filament (Nov. 3 – 10)

Best free Xbox games

Experience the enigma of The Alabaster, a spacecraft whose crew is missing and which has been locked down. You must explore the ship in Filament and resolve more than 300 cable-based puzzles.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (Nov. 3 – 10)

Best free Xbox games

The multiplayer tactical first-person shooter Rising Storm 2 emphasizes cooperation and realistic gameplay. Players can select from factions on either side of the conflict and use weapons that are specific to that time period. For up to 64 players, the game’s multiple game modes are available.

November 2022 GOG Games for Free

While GOG doesn’t regularly offer free games as some other websites do, you can get them right off the front page when they do. Seek out a banner with a countdown to a free game, then click the green button to access the game.

Between giveaways, GOG always has a small selection of free games, which are primarily free versions of older video games.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Collection (Until Nov. 3)

Best free Xbox games

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 – The Secret Files and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 The Christmas Chronicles are included in the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Collection. You can play as Jazz, his brother Spaz, or their sister Lori in these platformers as you battle Devan Shell.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

Best free Xbox games

Download the GOG Galaxy desktop client from GOG to receive a free copy of the first Witcher game. Click the giveaway button at the top of the Recent Views page to enter. The game is yours to keep as long as you agree to allow GOG to send you news and promotions.

November 2022 free Steam games

There are many free games on Steam that you can download at any time, but there are also a few titles that are only free for a limited time. Free games can be “purchased” on Steam in the same way as paid games, and they will be added to your library without your having to check them out.

Launch the Steam client and select Games Menu > Activate a Product on Steam to access the game if you have a Steam Key code. Complete the process as directed to receive your game. Before entering the code, you might also need to link your Steam account with another online store (like Humble Bundle).

Dreams Into Nights (While Supplies Last)

Best free Xbox games
Games with Gold: Best free Xbox games of November 2022 are now available 22

As a result of its 60th-anniversary celebration, Sega appears to have a few more Steam codes to distribute. Register your email with Sega, and you can then use that email to request a Nights Into Dreams key for the legendary console game.

Endless Space Collection

Best free Xbox games

With the help of the developer’s Games2gether platform, you can purchase the 4X strategy game Endless Space and its Disharmony DLC directly from the publisher. Create an account, then click the present icon in the top-right corner to access the reward page and view your free game. Simply connect your Steam account to get the free Steam key and a $10 discount.

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