Fry’s Electronics: End Of Tech Era After 36 Years

For Tech-savvy people, it’s really heartbreaking, because Fry’s Electronics is shutting down. Fry’s electronics were used to be a one-stop-shop for them. The Company held changes in the retail industry and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic as the whole sole reason for the shutdown.

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Official Statement On The FRY’S Website

After nearly 36 years in business as the one-stop-shop and online resource for high-tech professionals across nine states and 31 stores, Fry’s Electronics, Inc. (“Fry’s” or “Company”) has made the difficult decision to shut down its operations and close its business permanently. The Company will implement the shutdown through an orderly wind-down process that it believes will be in the best interests of the Company, its creditors, and other stakeholders.

The Company ceased regular operations and began the wind-down process on February 24, 2021. It is hoped that undertaking the wind-down through this orderly process will reduce costs, avoid additional liabilities, minimize the impact on our customers, vendors, landlords, and associates, and maximize the value of the Company’s assets for its creditors and other stakeholders.

If you have questions, please contact us using the following email addresses:

• For customers who have equipment currently being repaired, please email to arrange for the return of your equipment.

• For customers with items needing repair under a Performance Service Contract, please call (800) 811-1745.

Please understand if we are a bit slow to respond given the large volume of questions. The Company appreciates your patience and support through this process.


Fry’s Electronics

The company has changed its website so that it now just shows a goodbye message.

Who Were FRY’S Electronics?

Fry’s Electronics is a private company that runs a chain of 28 electronic superstores, ranging in size from 50,000 square feet to more than 1,80,000 square feet. Its headquarter is located in San Jose, California. So there are about 30,000 items offered by each store and at a very low price as compared to the market.


If anyone ever needs retailed software, consumer electronics, household appliances, cosmetics, tools, toys, accessories, magazines, technical books, and computer hardware at a cheap price Fry’s electronics was their’s go-to store. Also, it used to offer computer repair and custom computer building services.

Why FRY’S Electronics Cease Its Operation?

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Fry’s Electronics struggle did not start with the pandemic. In late 2019, the Company moved to a consignment model, which meant inventory on store shelves was limited. That’s when the real problem started. 

It’s not clear how many Fry’s employees are losing their jobs. The Company has not given any official closing date yet.

Criticism Faced By FRY’S Electronics

In 1997, Forbes reported on issues related to Fry’s customer service. Allegation was made that the Company had an internal policy, identified as “the double-H” to delay or prevent customers from obtaining refunds.

In 1998, USA Today also reported that many customers had become frustrated with poor customer service.

On Black Friday 2007, customers at Renton Washington store complained that Fry’s employees were offering people to cut in front of a long line for money.

Some Tweets On FRY’S Sudden Shutdown

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