Free Black Panther Suit: Marvel’s avenger new giveaway.

Do you want a free black panther suit? No, I am not kidding. Marvel is planning for this big giveaway.

Free Black Panther Suit: Marvel's avenger new giveaway

Yesterday saw the release of War for Wakanda, the latest expansion for Marvel’s Avengers. As its name suggests, the expansion puts the Black Panther in the spotlight, and there’s a ton of different skins based on the hero of Wakanda. Among these costumes is the Damisa-Sarki outfit, which sees King T’Challa wearing an epic cape. The look is meant to be a “reinterpretation” of Jack Kirby’s original design for the character and how he looked in his first appearance.

The skin is completely free in the game for a limited time, so players might want to grab it while it’s available.

Free Black Panther Suit “War of Wakanda”

Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix’s superhero action game Marvel’s Avengers has got its biggest free content drop yet in the form of the ‘War for Wakanda’ expansion pack, which adds a new Avenger to the team: The Black Panther. Along with the king as the playable character, the War for Wakanda expansion brings the sovereign African nation of Wakanda to the game too.

Marvel’s Avengers is getting Black Panther which many are excited about as the war for Wakanda seems to bring a lot to the table. Also, many are still psyched bout the suit for Bast. But that might not be the only one they talk about for long. For a limited time, you can get Damisa-Sarki’s outfit from the game marketplace. Hurry as it is limited, so get on it.

In Wakandan, Damisa-Sarki translates to “The Panther.” It’s a nice alternative costume for the character, and the price is impossible to beat! The use of “Damisa-Sarki” as the name is also a great throwback to the character’s comic book roots. Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have included several other interesting homages with this update, including T’Challa’s Wild West-inspired look from Exiles #6.

In addition to the Damisa-Sarki skin being free, the War for Wakanda expansion is also free for all players. Moreover, players do not have to have completed the game’s single-player campaign to jump into the DLC.

For fans of Black Panther, that should be very welcome news, and it might even convince some gamers to give Marvel’s Avengers a shot if they haven’t already! The expansion sees Black Panther and the Avengers taking on Klaw and Crossbones.

Free Black Panther Suit: Marvel's avenger new giveaway

In addition, other members of the character’s supporting cast also appear, including Shuri, Okoye, and more.

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The Bottom Line

Black Panther can use his Intrinsic meter to store kinetic energy, which he can use to fuel a “percussive blast” around him. This blast knocks enemies away from T’Challa and boosts his melee damage. Black Panther can also pounce on his enemies, slashing at them and keeping them locked down.

Like all heroes in Marvel’s Avengers, Black Panther has a ranged attack. T’Challa can throw daggers at enemies, which embed in foes and cause them to take increased melee damage for a short time.

War for Wakanda will also include the country of Wakanda as a new mission biome, and players can explore Black Panther’s palace as a new Outpost. Alongside the new content in War for Wakanda, players will notice UI improvements and other game changes. For example, players can now change their character’s skills, armor, and cosmetics via a single menu.

War for Wakanda is free for all players who own Marvel’s Avengers, but Crystal Dynamics will offer multiple new hero skins, including 40 outfits for Black Panther. If Marvel’s Avengers’ other heroes are any indication, some of these outfits will be earnable in-game, while others will cost real money.

A screenshot of Black Panther plucking a Klaw mercenary off the ground with just one Vibranium-armored arm. He's in the jungle - the statue of a panther looks in the shadows behind them.

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