FB is no more in the mood to tolerate rule breakers in groups.

After facing criticism because of content and extremism in groups. Facebook decided to take action against those rule-breakers in various FB groups. The company disclosed this step as one foot forward in its efforts to stop misinformation and harmful content sharing on the platform.
Tom Alison, Vice president at Facebook, believes that they hold a great responsibility to keep the platform clean.

And they need to be careful while recommending content. He also added that they are aware of the surge in fake and harmful content on FB and ready to take action.
As per the new plan, FB will start decreasing the visibility of rule breaker groups. Groups who don’t care and keeps breaking FB policies will go down and eventually will get deleted from the platform.

The platform will give a warning to the new joining members to review the group. On the other hand, they will keep those groups away from the existing user’s news feed. Interestingly, Facebook will track rule breakers, and if they form a new group on Fb, they will still be restricted. If the admin or moderator repeatedly approve violent content, then the entire group will be banned.

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FB is no more in the mood to tolerate rule breakers in groups. 2

These steps are coming as an answer to all criticism and reports about Facebook having a secret algorithm that recommends such racist, conspiracy, violent groups.
Facebook will be strict for users; if they post bad content and violet rules, they will be banned from posting anything or commenting on anything.

CEO and vice president are giving strict indications to whom those are spreading misinformation on Facebook, and the company is going to restrict such account with quick actions.

What do We Think?

We saw people are unhappy about spam on FB groups as those posts and comments spoils their user experience of being on social media. We hope this is going to be changed soon.


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