Facebook and Instagram Went Down For Thousands of Users

Last night, I was supposed to reach out to a potential client to seal a deal on Facebook Messenger. However, as soon as I sent the message, it didn’t get delivered, I tried different networks but still the same. Turns out that Facebook and Instagram went down for thousands of users last night(IST time-zone).

Facebook and Instagram Went Down

There were a lot of complaints on the Down Detector regarding the popular social media sites. The complaints were largely about the Facebook Messenger being down.

Facebook and Instagram Went Down, Facebook Messenger complaint graph
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Thousands of people were apparently affected by the problem. Although, some people didn’t have any problems with the apps whatsoever.

Facebook Messenger had faced the most issues as users reported issues regarding the receiving of messages. Some users also complained about not being able to log in

With Instagram, people faced issues with the News Feed. Many users also complained about the issues with posting and Stories.

A lot of users took their frustrations out on Twitter and here are some of the top Tweets related to the issue:

One frustrated user wrote, “Is Messenger down for anyone else or is it my WiFi? Can’t see who’s active or send messages”

One said, First it’s Messenger down now it’s Instagram down with their DMs.“

Everything actually seems to be working fine now. The official Service Status page of Facebook says “healthy”. But the news is definitely true as Facebook and Instagram went down and I noticed it myself too. The issue was quite frustrating as I was able to receive the messages from the other end but I wasn’t able to send any, also the client later told me that he wasn’t able to send messages either.  Did you also notice?

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