El Risitas: Man behind the immortal meme Now in Heaven.

The Twitch community has lost El Risitas, the man whose face turned into the iconic KEKW emoji at 65.

Juan Joya Borja Aka El Risitas

Juan Joya Borja, famously known as the “Spanish laughing guy,” died in his home in Seville, Spain, due to a long-fought illness.

El Risitas ‘Spanish laughing guy’ is no more with us.

Any internet geek who’s been around social media platforms would be familiar with El Risitas, which translates as “little laughs,” a meme that has stayed relevant for more than a decade.

El Risitas meme man suffered leg amputation from illness before death.

The death of Spanish comedian El Risitas was felt even more throughout Twitch, where streamers and users shared a closer relationship with the emoji.

According to reports, El Risitas was reportedly being treated at Virgen del Rocio Hospital and had been admitted since September 2020. By and large, After learning of the comedian’s health issues, including diabetes, fans raised an undisclosed amount of euros (in thousands) to cover his medical charges.

Spanish comedian Juan Joya Borja/Image via Alchetron

The internet star even thanked his supporters for their help before his passing. He also allegedly had to go through a leg amputation due to his illness.

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The signature laugh was well known during controversies in the hardware world – mocking graphics card corporations such as NVIDIA for their disasters with a graphics processing unit line up (GPU) called GTX 970.

That’s certainly just one instance of a meme that’s well known among all.

Firstly, In 2014, Borja gained quite a popularity after a clip went viral on Reddit. Secondly, It was the start of several parodies, and the comedian was the face of them all.

The Bottom Line

Borja was immortalized as a meme figure. All in all, El Risitas’ use is likely to skyrocket as the world learns of his unfortunate demise.

The internet came together to pay tribute to the comedian. Twitter has been filled with reactions to El Risitas’s cherishable laugh.

In addition to a career in comedy, Joya was also an actor who appeared in commercials, TV, and movies. His CV in television and movies includes: Torrente 3: El protector; El Vagamundo, Canal 2 Andalucia; Ratones Coloraos, Canal Sur Television; El loco de la colina, La1; and El Gatopardo, Canal Sur.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Joya’s family and friends during this tragic and difficult time.

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