Drone camera: Best-selling 2K camera drone is on amazon.

Have you ever detected a complete known as “Captain”? No? Well, don’t worry as a result of you’re not alone. Suppose you roll off an inventory of the highest shopper physical science corporations you’ll be able to suppose of. In that case, the brand Captain isn’t specifically top-of-mind, and it virtually definitely won’t create the cut. However, it’s a reputation you won’t before long forget once you genuinely strive for one amongst the company’s awe-inspiring quadcopters. Above all, despite doing almost no selling or advertising, Captain happens to be the manufacturer of the #1 popular quadcopter verbalize Amazon’s entire website right now. Once you think about the number of drones being oversubscribed on Amazon at any given time, it’s clear that this is often no straightforward feat.

captain drone 2k video camera
Drone camera: Best-selling 2K camera drone is on amazon. 3

Snaptain S5C 2K Camera Drone

Several different drone models from Snaptain are top-sellers that supply terrific prices and undercut comparable quadcopters. However, there’s only one explicit model we wish to concentrate on today. The #1 best-selling Snaptain S5C 2K Camera Drone is on sale at an excellent value without delay because of a rare double discount at Amazon.

The S5C is a very well-liked quadcopter that retails for $75. Thus it’s pretty straightforward to visualize why it’s the popular model on Amazon right now. Comparable quadcopters will value $150, $200, or perhaps more.


This amazing drone comes with two removable batteries for extended flight time. It’ll land itself mechanically once the battery is running low. Thus, you oughtn’t to worry about it breaking the sky and obtain damage. That’s in all probability one thing you ne’er even thought-about if you’re not aware of drones; however, it’s an excellent feature to have. This Captain quadcopter conjointly packs excellent options like a crystal-clear 2K camera, an optical lens, live video streaming to your smartphone, one-touch takeoff and landing, gravity sensor, altitude hold, and help for tricks like flipping, and more.


You ought to haven’t any doubt in your mind that the Captain S5C 2K Camera Drone is an incredible price at $75; however, you’re not reaching to pay anyplace close to that abundant right now. A massive 21% discount and an additional 5% coupon you’ll be able to clip on the Amazon page slash the value all the approach. All way down to simply $56.52, the lowest price we’ve seen thus far this year.

Get Amazon's #1 best-selling camera drone for $57 thanks to a rare double  discount

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Captain’s popular 5SC quadcopter drone could be an easy model with many nice options.
  • You will even use voice commands to urge it to require off, land, come back to you, and more.
  • Other great features embrace headless mode and every one form of fun tricks like flips and roll.s
  • A high-powered receiving system lets this standard drone work from distances up to eighty meters away.
  • Record, edit, and transfer videos captured by the drone’s crystal clear 2K camera
  • Video clips are held on domestically on a microSD card
  • Stream like first-person video right to your iPhone or humanoid device as you fly
  • Made from high-quality ABS plastic with protecting mechanical device guards from forestalling damage
  • The Altitude-hold feature keeps the drone steady. Thus, you’ll record clear video or capture still photos within the air
  • Trajectory flight operate you to draw a line on your smartphone screen, and also the drone can follow that precise path
  • Built-in G device similar to the one on high-priced high-end quadcopters helps to make the sure stable flight.
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