Donald Trump’s new video is down by Facebook again.

Facebook reportedly removed a video interview with Donald Trump for violating its ban on the former president.

According to Trump’s daughter-in-law, Facebook has reportedly removed a video. It featured an interview with former President Donald Trump because it violated its current ban on him.

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Firstly, Lara Trump, who is the wife of the former president’s son Eric. Secondly, She recently joined the US conservative cable network Fox News as a contributor, had promoted an interview with Mr. Trump for her own online show, The Right View.

Facebook Stand on Donald trump’s video

Donald Trump and social media’s game continue.

Above all, YouTube and other social media companies also indefinitely suspended Trump’s account. Also, Snapchat and Twitter permanently banned Trump.

Donald Trump's new video is down by Facebook again Lara Trump social media ban
Donald Trump's new video is down by Facebook again. 7

Recently, Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said the video had not been permitted on Facebook. Moreover, on Instagram because of the former president’s indefinite suspension after the deadly Capitol riot.

Above all, Mr. Trump’s spokesperson Jason Miller did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the action.

On Tuesday, Lara Trump posted on Instagram: “BIG SHOW TONIGHT – I will be joined by President Donald Trump on The Right View!!”

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Lara Trump, who is the better-half of Eric Trump. She received an email from Facebook that content with former President Trump’s voice “is not currently authorized on our platforms. Furthermore, including new posts with President Trump speaking.”

Donald Trump's new video is down by Facebook again Lara Trump social media ban
Donald Trump's new video is down by Facebook again. 8

In another email shared by Lara Trump on her Facebook page, Facebook said the guidance applied to all campaign accounts, messaging vehicles, and former Trump surrogates on the site.

Since the ban, the former president is continously speaking on Facebook’s platforms in news coverage from outlets such as Fox News and Newsmax.

The Bottom Line

Several social media platforms barred Trump after the riot. Including Twitter Inc, which has said its ban is permanent, and Alphabet Inc’s YouTube, which said it would reinstate his account when the risk of violence decreases.

Trump was suspended from Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram indefinitely over incitement of violence following the Jan. 6

Riot by Trump supporters at the U.S. Capitol in Washington. Facebook has sent the case of Trump’s suspension to its independent oversight board.

Final Word

Facebook warned that any future posts like that from Trump is not acceptable in the various social media platfroms. Also, “resulting in additional limitations on accounts that posted it.” Lara Trump then posted the video interview on the social network Rumble.

Trump’s ban from the platforms has stoked the flames of the argument made by many Republicans that conservative views are unfairly censored from social media firms.

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Donald Trump's new video is down by Facebook again. 10

As a matter of fact, Former US President Donald Trump is all set to launch his own social media platform in the coming months. Trump’s close aide said that the social media platform has created so that he can share his message with the people of America.

It too long now, Trump is not using any social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

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