Dead Space Remake Is Finally Out In Most Surprising Look.

Dead Space Remake’s first look is out now. Fans were waiting for the remake for so long, so, finally, A Dead Space remake has been officially revealed today at EA Play.

Dead Space - The Award-winning Survival Horror Video Game Franchise -  Electronic Arts

The remake has been “completely rebuilt” using the Frostbite engine, EA explained in a press release and is promising more than just a one-to-one HD remaster.

We can apparently expect “an improved story, characters, gameplay mechanics and more,” which roughly lines up with previous reports

that the remake would integrate features and quality-of-life upgrades seen in Dead Space 2 and 3.

Could a Dead Space remake be on the way?

First, it was rumored, now it’s official: EA is giving Visceral Games’ much-loved sci-fi horror classic Dead Space the remake treatment on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

The original Dead Space launched back in 2008, sending players, in the role of engineer Isaac Clarke, on a terrifying journey through the shadowy interior of the mining ship USG Ishimura, its crew slaughtered by nightmarish creatures known as the necromorphs.

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What followed was a deliciously atmospheric third-person horror adventure that saw players embarking on the mother of all fixer-uppers to reactive the ship and locate Isaac’s missing partner Nicole, engaging lasers to sever innumerable necromorph limbs along the way.

Dead Space remake announced at EA Play Live - Polygon

One of survivor horror’s most iconic games is getting a next-gen facelift. At its EA Play Live event, Electronic Arts revealed that a remake of the original Dead Space is in development and will be launching on the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X. The publisher says the game is “rebuilt from the ground up” with EA’s Frostbite engine and studio Motive — best-known for the space shooter Star Wars: Squadrons — will be handling development. There’s currently no release date.

This will mark the first entry in the franchise since Dead Space 3 in 2013. The franchise was created and developed by Visceral Games, which was shuttered in 2017 while working on a single-player Star Wars game that was eventually canceled. However, the Visceral spirit does live on in a way as former Dead Space executive producer Glen Schofield is working on a new sci-fi horror game called The Callisto Protocol.

The new Dead Space gets a teaser at EA Play | VentureBeat

Whole Live event in a nutshell

While EA didn’t reveal much about the game, this announcement lines up with what we previously reported about the project. EA has developer Motive working to remake Dead Space as part of an attempt to reboot the franchise. This game will use the original game as its base structure, but it will also bring in other games in the series.

After plenty of hints like the Dead Space YouTube account changing its profile picture from a Dead Space 3 one to a more generic Dead Space one, it’s finally been confirmed – a Dead Space remake is coming!

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This new Dead Space remake premiered at EA Play Live 2021, where a trailer showed us all we need to see about how awesome it will be.

The trailer shows some tense gameplay and revives that sense of horror the series has expertly offered throughout its games. Check it out in its entirety below:

The trailer also revealed some essential info about the game, and while we didn’t get a release date, we did get which platforms the new Dead Space game will be playable on!

The new Dead Space game will be playable on next-gen consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S) and PC.

The new Dead Space won’t be available on PS4 and Xbox One, however.

EA Play Live aired on July 22nd and included some awesome reveals that you won’t want to miss.

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You can go back and watch the show from the beginning right here on their Youtube channel and catch the Dead Space magic directly.

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