Cristiano Ronaldo is now on the top of the Instagram-rich list.

Cristiano Ronaldo shoots to the top of the Instagram-rich list.

Cristiano Ronaldo retains grip on the spotlight as age remains merely a  number

Cristiano Ronaldo has shot to the top of Instagram’s annual rich list of celebrities who can ask the most for a sponsored post. The footballer earns up to $ 1.6 million (£ 1.2 million) for a Promote product on social media.

The Portuguese captain, who messed up Euro 2020 sponsor Coca-Cola by taking his drinks out of view at a post-game press conference, topped a list that included wrestler and actor Dwayne “the Rock.”

Cristiano Ronaldo at the top like always.

Ronaldo edges Messi, LeBron and Federer as world's highest-paid athlete | Cristiano  Ronaldo | The Guardian

Cristiano Ronaldo shoots to the top of the Instagram-rich list. Portugal footballer can command as much as $1.6m to endorse a product on social media.

It is the first time the footballer has reached first place in the annual rankings, which are dominated by US celebrities from the reality TV, film and music industries.

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Ronaldo’s amount estimated to charge for a sponsored post climbed significantly last year, almost doubling from $889,000 in 2019. As a result, Ronaldo moved from third place in 2019, leapfrogging the previous list-topper Johnson and the second-ranked Kylie Jenner, the makeup entrepreneur and celebrity.

The 36-year-old is estimated to make more than $40m annually from Instagram, more than his salary as a player at the Italian Serie A club Juventus. His pay-per-post fee has rocketed along with his popularity which has soared during the pandemic.

Ronaldo is the most-followed person on Instagram with more than 300 million fans, having added more than 125 million since the beginning of last year, more than triple the 100 million he had in 2017 when the first “rich list” was compiled.

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Brands pushed by Ronaldo on Instagram include the anti-dandruff haircare brand Clear, which he promotes in slick television-quality videos alongside more amateur posts with advice to followers such as: “Keeping a clear head helps me to be on top of my game.”

Top 10 Most paid Stars on Instagram.

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1. Cristiano Ronaldo- $ 1.6 million post

2. Dwayne Johnson- $ 1.52 million

3. Ariana Grande – $ 1.51 million

4. Kylie Jenner – $ 1.49 million

5. Serena Gomez- $ 1.46 million

6. Kim Kardashian – $ 1.41 million

7. Lionel Messi- $ 1.16 million

8. Beyonce Knowles – $ 1.14 million

9. Justin Bieber- $ 1.1 million

10. Kendall Jenner- $ 1.05 million

According to Forbes, Johnson, the highest-paying actor last year, earned an estimated $ 87.5 million, his paid postage rose $ 500,000, and the Kardashian family turmoil rose $ 560,000.

The top 10 list includes only one other sports star who is Ronaldo’s rival. Lionel Messi, Ranked 7th, can request posts for nearly $ 1.2 million.

The top six are women, with prominent stars such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Grande, and Selena Gomez. The estimated amount that celebrities can charge for sponsored posts increased significantly last year, partly due to increased online usage. In addition, the general public tried to relieve boredom during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Because Covid-19 continues to affect all our lives, Instagram. It’s one of the few places that hasn’t been adversely affected by a pandemic, “Bandar said. “Some say it’s inevitable that revenue will peak for people who use the app more than ever. These celebrities are due to the ever-growing number of followers and the sheer exposure of each post. So it’s no wonder how valuable your content is.“

The Bottom Line

The estimated amount that Ronaldo can charge for sponsored posts increased significantly last year, almost doubling from $ 889,000 in 2019. As a result, Ronaldo moved from 3rd place in 2019 to 2nd place with Johnson, who was on the previous list. Kylie Jenner, Makeup entrepreneurs, and celebrities.

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Ronaldo is Instagram’s most-followed person, with over 300 million fans and a combination of his social media, including major platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Over 550 million.

“The euro started earlier this month, Controversial marketing movement “In the last few weeks, Ronaldo’s presence has skyrocketed,” said Mike Bandar, co-founder of, who compiled an informal annual list of top Instagram winners. “Just a week ago, he became the most followed person on the platform, so I checked the status of the King of Instagram.

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