Cricut wind up subscription plan and promise unlimited updates for existing customers.

Cricut CEO Ashish Arora came forward with an apology for his wrong decision of charging customers. He decided to take his decision back. Cricut makes crafting machines, and they previously decided to charge users for full use of its crafting machines. These machines are helpful for precisely cutting paper and other materials.

As per new improvements, the company decided to use free for their existing customers who purchased before 31st December. This new decision will allow people to use unlimited uploads and apps required to do this all operation.

$9.99 per month / $95.88 per year is the price they were planning to take from their customers as a standard plan. I was planning to keep Premium plan prices at $118.88 per year. Users who are using a third-party app to design and transferring it to the Cricut app were not happy as non-subscribers could upload only 20 designs. But after backlash company kept it accessible for all existing users.

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Arora disclosed that second-hand machines could also take advantage of unlimited uploads if they use provided user id password by the first owner and register themselves before Dec 2021. The company did not share more details, but they decided to hold their plans till the end of 2021.

Customers were saying they spent over $399 for the machine so that it wouldn’t need any future subscription. So the company listened to them and came with new relief.

What do we think about Cricut?

We have seen that CEOs’ one decision can break a company’s market. They must be aware of customer’s opinions whenever they decide. Cricut rushed to take a decision, and as a result, they had to apologize to their customers. A few market surveys can avoid these things.We are hopeful about company and users will work together to make better community.


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