CES 2021: The global stage for innovation – Exciting highlights.

The mega tech event in the calendar, CES, is rolling around us like each and every. CES 2021 is being held between January 11-14 in 2021 in Las Vegas. Surely this year also It will bring heaps of new announcements and product launches like new laptops. 

However, this year we’re going to see CES go virtual as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus-led pandemic. As such, thousands, if not millions, will tune into the tech show starting today. Instead of thronging to Las Vegas every other year. Yet, despite the strange nature of the event in 2021.

Here we round-up the CES 2021 news and highlights in the worlds of TV, audio and in-car entertainment.

What is CES 2021?

Before we get to dive into the main segment of this article, firstly just brief out, what is CES 2021? In short CES Is the Global Stage for Innovation. CES is the most influential tech event in the world — the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global. It stands for CONSUMER ELECTRONIC SHOW. Hear from technology innovators. You will get to know about the latest product launches, and engage with global brands. And from startups from around the world.

CES 2021: What to expect

CES 2021 promises to be a much simpler, and digital-only affair as opposed to the full-blown extravaganza in Las Vegas. We don’t expect it to be less impressive when it comes to showcasing futuristic technologies.

Apart from the usual consumer tech gadgets like smartphones and laptops. There will be a huge focus on 5G and AI and autonomous vehicles, this time along. Some brands have already unveiled products. They will showcase during the event, and many have hinted. They might get like the next generation of Ryzen mobile processors, ROG series of laptops, new SSDs and more.

Highlights so far

So far, the biggest story of CES 2021 has arguably been the LG Rollable smartphone. Which we saw for the first time in a short teaser trailer. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been some other strong contenders for the CES limelight, though.

Day two was the turn of the graphics card titans, with NVIDIA and AMD both delivering big news. The confirmation that NVIDIA’s RTX 3000 graphics cards are coming to gaming laptops. That is huge news that could see next-gen laptops arrive with a serious performance boost. Not to be outdone, AMD fought back by showing off its exciting Ryzen 5000 series of mobile.

Live updates

This followed several big CES 2021 stories in TVs and home theater land on the previous day. Another landmark announcement was LG Display’s confirmation that 42-inch OLED TVs will be launch. We’ve been waiting for OLED tech to arrive in smaller screen sizes for a while. So this could be big news. If you’ve been thinking about getting a second screen for your home this year.


CSE-2021 Laptops

NVIDIA RTX 3000 graphics cards are finally coming to gaming laptops

Most awaited announcement for the game lovers. The rumors have been growing for a while, but NVIDIA used the CES 2021 stage to announce its mobile range of RTX 3000 graphics cards. For gaming fans, this is hugely exciting news and could give gaming laptops a big performance lift this year.

CSE-2021 laptops

LG Rollable finally shown off as a fordable phone.

It’s finally official – LG has revealed the name for its take on the fold-able phone (LG Rollable, predictably) and also given us a glimpse in a short teaser. The Rollable is a bit different from your average fold-able, but the concept is similar, giving you the option of a smaller or larger screen in one portable device. The only question now is whether LG has signed up Limp Bizkit for the full reveal.

CES 2021 laptops

AMD Ryzen 5000 mobile processors

AMD has thrown down the gauntlet to Intel at CES 2021 with the announcement of its long-awaited AMD Ryzen 5000 series of mobile processors. By the looks of it, and the hype that created by AMD these could seriously trouble Intel’s position as the current laptop king. It;s good to have some competition for user poiny of view.

51 9to5game

Intel is making the thinnest gaming laptops ever

One of the biggest stories at CES 2021 as far as hardcore gamer are concerned. Intel’s announcement of the 11th generation Tiger Lake-H35 processors, that add more excitement for the arrival of the thinnest gaming laptops we’ve seen so far. however it is exciting news.

sony 9to5game

Sony shows off its Airpeak drone Finally

Sony finally let’s give an attention at the Airpeak drone that it teased in the lead up to CES 2021. While it might disappoint those who wanted a small, consumer-grade rival to the DJI’s mini drones, the Airpeak has professional camera operators written all over it. The prospect of flying a Sony A7S III camera with a Sony-made drone is a tantalizing prospect.

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New 42-inch OLED TVs are on the way

In the market for a small TV this year? You might soon get the option of going for an OLED, with LG Display confirming at CES that new 42in OLED TV panels are coming in 2021. Right now, bargain bucket LCD TVs tend to dominate the smaller screen sizes, but we’re looking forward to seeing OLEDs emerge as an alternative.

CES 2021 9to5game

Samsung’s new Dolby Atmos soundbar

If you’ve been building a cinema-rivaling home theater system, then Samsung might just have delivered the final piece of the puzzle – a high-end Q-Series soundbar with Dolby Atmos support and some seriously innovative rear speakers. Could it be a serious rival for the Sonos Arc’s soundbar crown?

CES 2021: Samsung

CES-2021 laptops

CES is always a mega event for Samsung. It’s the place the company picks to roll out its latest QLED TVs, concept screens and monstrous custom-installs. Plus innovations in the computing and phone space.

Samsung’s First Look event gave us a glimpse of what’s to come. The brand taking the wraps off its QLED TV successor – a technology it’s dubbed Neo QLED. That packs in 10 times the amount of LEDs into a screen. So that It can radically increase brightness, reduce blooming and widen viewing angles.

CES 2021: SONY

CES-2021 Sony

Sony has just released its latest noise-cancelling headphones, the Sony WH-1000XM4 (which we’ve dubbed the best headphone of 2020). So it’s unlikely that we’ll see a new pair of flagship headphones from the tech giant debut at CES 2021. 

While we’re hoping to see a follow up to the Sony WF-1000XM3, we’re not super hopeful for many groundbreaking announcements. CES 2020 was pretty quiet for the company. Saying that, Sony has already unveiled new wireless speakers and an update to its 360 Reality Audio technology.

CES 2021: LG

CES 2021
CES 2021: The global stage for innovation - Exciting highlights. 14

LG usually uses CES as a launchpad for its latest TV range, and 2020 was no different. We saw a fleet of 8K TVs shown off, as well as confirmation of a new 48-inch OLED size. LG announced that the glass-panel E Series OLED was being retired in favor of a Gallery Series model, too. So we don’t expect the former to show up in any guise at CES 2021.

LG has announced a fleet of new laptops, a new Smart TV interface, and its bendable OLED and transparent displays.

According to the Lg There are some exciting stuff in particular for the gamer. They should be excited about the recently unveiled Bendable CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) display. That can morph between a flat screen TV and a curved monitor at the press of a button. 

CES 2021: Hisense

CES 2021

Hisense usually puts on something of a show at tech expos, and in 2020. We saw it unveil a refresh of its projector-television hybrid, more ULED TVs, and a new Dual Cell technology. One that combines two TV panels for enhanced contrast. 

Hisense’s OLED ambitions have been dashed by this point, and we don’t expect any O8B successors at CES 2021. More laser TVs, as well as more mid-range quantum dot displays, seem likely. The popular Hisense Roku TV line expanded to the UK in late 2018, too. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Hisense announce a refresh next year.

CES 2021: TCL

CES 2021

TCL runs on a slightly different release schedule than many TV brands. That mean CES is a bit light on concrete information. At the 2020 expo it announced plans for a new fleet of Mini-LED TVs – to compete with OLED models. Which use smaller LEDs for more precise brightness control than traditional LCD screens.

Those TVs just started rolling out in the US in the form of the new 6-Series R635 models. TCL launch alongside new 5-Series TVs that, for the first time ever, use QLED technology.

On top of that, TCL recently confirmed its range of Roku TVs. That were coming to Europe and South America and most likely UK too. More details on this will likely come at IFA 2021. There’s a chance that the company’s global pipeline – with precise product names and pricing – for its new Roku sets could take until January 2021 to see the light of day.

CES 2021: ASUS

CES 2021

We all are waiting for the Asus and how they can impress us by their announcement. Asus is expected to unveil a number of its ROG, TUF, VivoBook and other series of laptops at the event. It will be powered by the NVIDIA RTX 3000 series of chip sets. That are expected to be powered by the Intel 11th-gen Tiger Lake processors.

The Bottom Line

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is arguably the world’s biggest tech showcase of the year. For the first time ever, CES will be an ‘all-digital’ event due to the ongoing pandemic. As CES 2021 is set to kick off this mega event. That happen every year will definitely enhance our experience in terms of technology. Viewers all around the world will be able to watch the live stream online. The CES 2021 live stream will be open for both media and the public. The event will kick off on January 11 and end on January 14. Although users will have to register for the event before.

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