Bloodborne 2 Rumored to Be in Development for PS5

Bloodborne 2 Rumored to Be in Development for PS5. A new rumor claims PlayStation’s Bluepoint Games is currently developing Bloodborne 2, along with a remaster of the original title for PlayStation 5.

Bloodborne PS5 Remaster and Bloodborne 2 In The Works?

Bluepoint Games is known for producing high-quality remakes and remasters of PlayStation classics, with its latest release being the PS5 remake of FromSoftware’s Demon’s Souls. On September 30, PlayStation acquired Bluepoint Games, officially bringing the longtime Sony partner under the PlayStation Studios umbrella.

New rumored game Bloodbrone 2 is out now.

After releasing all the way back in 2015, it sounds as though PlayStation may finally be looking to bring about a full-blown sequel to the beloved action title Bloodborne. While many longtime fans of the FromSoftware-developed project have simply been hoping for a remake or remaster of the game to come about on PlayStation 5, a new rumor has suggested that one of Sony’s first-party studios has been tapped to now create a sequel to the game.

And while it might seem strange to have a new Bloodborne title developed by a company that isn’t FromSoftware, the studio that is supposedly working on the game has done quite a bit of work with the Soulslike genre in recent years. 

News of Bloodborne 2 officially being in the works comes by way of former video game reporter Colin Moriarty, who is the host of Sacred Symbols, a podcast that revolves around all things associated with PlayStation.

In the latest episode of the podcast, Moriarty shared that, to his knowledge, developer Bluepoint Games is currently in the process of working on a new PS5 version of Bloodborne. After completing this remaster, though, the studio then is going to move to develop Bloodborne 2 as an original title of its own making.

FromSoftware Rumored Developing New PS5 Exclusive Game | Player.One

“They’re re-releasing Bloodborne on PS5, as I understand it,” Moriarty said of Bluepoint’s current efforts. “But we’re going to get a sequel to Bloodborne as I have heard out of them after that.”

TechSpot report suggests Bluepoint Games may be working on both a Bloodborne remaster and/or sequelThe rumor partially originates from Twitter user Colin Moriarty, a video game industry writer and podcaster who was apparently made aware of Insomniac developing Marvel’s Wolverine before its official announcement at the PlayStation Showcase 2021. Moriarty claims the now PlayStation-owned Bluepoint Games is developing a Bloodborne remaster for PS5.

After launch, the studio will then supposedly move onto the development of a full sequel to the classic title. Moriarty says they will attempt to verify the information with additional sources, but fellow Twitter leaker Millie Amand has cryptically indicated there could the rumor could hold weight.

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FromSoftware rumored to be working on a PS5 exclusive Souls game that is  not Bloodborne 2

The Bottom Line

There is already a clear link between Bluepoint Games and FromSoftware, that being Bluepoint’s recent and successful Demon’s Souls remake. However, shortly after the studio’s purchase by PlayStation, president Marco Thrush revealed the team would be working on Bluepoint’s first original game since the PS3 era.

This could seemingly debunk Colin Moriarty’s claims, as remastering Bloodborne would obviously not be the same as developing a new title. On the other hand, Bloodborne 2 – while not an original IP – would still constitute an original work, so perhaps Thrush was referring to that title instead.

Despite FromSoftware’s growing library of highly influential games, Bloodborne is often considered to be the cream of the crop. A huge arsenal of unique transforming weapons, an ambitious Lovecraftian setting, and memorably intense bosses make the game stand above its peers in some players’ eyes.

Bluepoint Games has also gained a positive reputation, with PlayStation-exclusive remakes like Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls demonstrating a key understanding of these classic Japanese games. While Bluepoint’s involvement with Bloodborne is merely rumor, it is hard to argue the studio wouldn’t be a good fit to make a hypothetical Bloodborne 2.

Bloodborne Sequel In Development At Bluepoint Games, Rumors Claim

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