Battlegrounds Mobile India launches new missions to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi With New Missions, In-Game Rewards. Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations on Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) are live and will go on till September 21.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with new in-game missions and rewards. The prizes you win over these celebrations are permanent ones that you can use even after the celebrations wrap up.

Battlegrounds Mobile India launches new missions to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi.

In addition, battlegrounds Mobile India has introduced new missions that players have to complete to win new apparel for their in-game avatars.

This is not the first time Battlegrounds Mobile India has been celebrating an important festival since its launch in the country. Last month the battle royale, the Indian alternative for PUBG Mobile, celebrated Independence Day Mahotsav with special rewards.

The game launched by Krafton just a few months earlier has already amassed more than 50 million downloads that the developers celebrated by sharing special rewards to mark the occasion.

Battlegrounds Mobile India launches new missions

BGMI announced the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations through a post on its official Instagram handle. The perks of the new celebration are currently live and will be there until September 21. With this, the company has launched three new missions. Upon completion of all three missions, the gamers will get permanent rewards in the game. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India announced the special rewards for Ganesh Chaturthi via an Instagram post, and the celebrations are now live and will be on till September 21.

You have to complete three new missions in the game to get these new rewards, the most prominent of which is an elephant print t-shirt that marks the occasion. Once you win this, you can have your avatar wearing it on the game.

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The first mission part of the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations is live and will be available till September 14. To complete this task, players will have to swim 10 meters in Classic mode every day. The second mission on Battlegrounds Mobile India will need players to play the Classic mode 60 times, and you have time till September 21 to complete this.

The third and final mission will need players to play any mode with friends five times. The third mission kicks off on September 15, and you have time till September 21 to complete it. If you manage to complete all three missions, you will get the specially designed t-shirt along with a few more virtual in-game rewards like Classic crate coupons and in-game currency.

Last month Battlegrounds Mobile India players got a chance to win an AWM sniper rifle skin, as well as in-game currency, Classic Crate Coupon scrap, green parachute trail, and a supply crate coupon from the Independence Day Mahotsav celebrations that were on till August 20.

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And speaking of Battlegrounds Mobile India announcements, Krafton recently detailed its 24-hour security system that has been designed to ban cheaters automatically; there is also a Hindi voice pack coming in that’s currently being reviewed.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Ganesh Chaturthi event missions and rewards 

  • The task mentioned under the event ‘New Beginnings Mission (1)’ that has to be done from September 8, 2021, to September 15, 2021, will reward players with 50 AG. To complete the task, a player has to swim “10M in classic mode every day.”
  • The first task mentioned in the event ‘Ganesh Chaturthi: New Beginnings’ required players to play the Classic Mode 20 times and will reward them with 3 Supply Crate coupons.
  • The second task in the same event requires players to play the Classic Mode 40 times and reward them with 7 Supply Crates. 
  • The third and the last task in the event requires players to enter the Classic Mode up to a total of 60 times and will reward them with an in-game t-shirt for their character, with a printed elephant head on the front. 
BGMI celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi with new missions, rewards | Technology  News – India TV

The event and rewards were announced through an Instagram post from the official handle of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The event is currently going on, and players can log in to unlock the rewards.

The Bottom Line

The first mission that the gamers need to complete has already gone live, and it will be available only till September 10. According to the mission, the gamers need to swim 10 meters in Classic mode every day.

As for the second mission, the BGMI players will need to play the Classic mode 60 times until September 21. Lastly, the users will have to play any mode with friends five times. This last mission will begin on September 15 and will be available until September 21.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) gets new rewards to celebrate Ganesh  Chaturthi: check them here |

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