Apex Legends fan spends two months rebuilding new Minecraft

‘Apex Legends’ fan recreates World’s Edge in ‘Minecraft.’

Apex Legends fan spends two months rebuilding new Minecraft

Reddit user kurobekuro (via PC Gamer) detailed that the second official map to launch in the battle royale has been built from the ground up in Minecraft’s iconic block structure. World’s Edge’s most iconic locations have been created from the Harvester and The Train Yard to The Epicenter and Mirage Voyage.

Apex Legends fans are creating something fabulous.

An Apex Legends fan from Japan has recreated a portion of the game’s World’s Edge map in Minecraft, with plans to build the whole area over time.

Minecraft often hosts a series of beautiful builds, but we’ve been a tad spoiled of late when it comes to seeing iconic vistas from other games lovingly recreated. For example, we recently reported on a Minecraft player building the entire Zelda: Breath of the Wild map while someone else has given Stardew Valley’s town center the Minecraft treatment. Now, though, battle royale games are getting some love, with one fan rebuilding Bonzai Plaza from Apex Legends.

Reddit user Shaun_eevee has posted their build to Reddit, explaining the whole process took around two months as they started around the end of May. However, the build has come together wonderfully – you’ve got the three central buildings all looming over each other with cherry blossom trees scattered around alongside other greenery.

Apex Legends' fan recreates Bonsai Plaza in 'Minecraft'

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It looks like the build is just the start, too, as Shaun explains they have plans to recreate other parts of the Olympus map. There are also plans to make the map available for others to download and walk around, though that may still be a while off from happening.

This build isn’t the first time we’ve seen Apex Legends get the Minecraft treatment, with another fan recreating the World’s Edge map at one point. However, both are worth checking out if you’re as big on Minecraft builds as we are.

If you’re looking for more Minecraft maps, you can hit that link.

I’m a sucker for seeing the stuff I like recreated in Minecraft. There’s something about seeing a familiar place reconstructed on Minecraft’s massive scale that never stops feeling impressive, and that’s certainly how I’d describe one Apex Legends player’s recent efforts to bring one of its maps and several weapons and abilities into the blocky world.

Apex Legends News on Twitter: "This is incredible One dedicated #ApexLegends  fan recreated World's Edge in Minecraft, as well as Wraith's portal and the  R-99: https://t.co/ixAeFYA985 (via u/kurobekuro)… https://t.co/tS12OM1qd0"

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